Jo Sidebottom

A few sundry biographical details about me:

I'm 60 and live in Milton Keynes with my partner Chris and our two (non-Mensan) cats.  We've been together 18 years and met through Mensa.  

I was born in the west of Ireland, but moved to England at the age of three, and grew up in Bedford.  At the age of ten I went to a rather weird and wonderful boarding school.  I thought I was going to Malory Towers - little did I know!  However, although it had its odd moments, it gave me a sense of responsibility and taught me independence.

After doing a French degree in London, I worked for an American multinational for about 15 years, and then moved to the NHS.  My first 7 years were spent working in a NHS trust, followed by 16 years on the national staff payroll and HR/workforce information system.  I retired in May 2017 and like most retired people, now don't know how I had time to work.

We keep pretty busy with Mensa activities, but in addition I enjoy opera, theatre, family history, reading, and travel.  We discovered the joys of cruising a few years ago and have now had several cruise holidays.  The photo on the left was taken at the captain's cocktail party on a cruise, though we are usually less formal than that.

I also belong to my local Red Hat chapter and enjoy the odd social outing with them.  No, not Linux... click here to find out more.