Best day this week
I think it was Tuesday.  We had stayed an extra day in Ireland to take advantage of there being more air miles flights on the Tuesday.  We stayed overnight in the Europa Hotel in Belfast (also courtesy of air miles) and had a leisurely start in the morning before getting the bus to the airport and our flight home.  We flew both ways on a small turboprop plane which was surprisingly roomy as there were only two seats each side of the aisle.  The flight back was far from full so even disembarking was quite civilised.  Once we’d picked up the car we had a good run home and got in early evening – it did mean we’d spent the whole day travelling but it was nice not to be rushed.

Best decision of the week
I suppose it was a decision made some time ago, to stay over in Belfast.  The Europa Hotel was extremely good, and the staff excellent.  Our room wasn’t large but it was very comfortable and everything was very efficient.  I doubt we’ll ever be able to afford to stay there again so it was a nice treat.

Favourite meal of the week
Sunday lunch was good.  Our favourite local Italian restaurant does a lunchtime buffet, which we’ve never managed to get to before – we normally go in the evening.  But we went today and were pleasantly surprised by the range of dishes available – often buffets are quite limited.  As well as pasta and pizza there were some interesting salads and various other hot dishes.  I finished it all off with my favourite coffee ice cream.

Favourite moment of the week
Possibly being given an upgrade to a de luxe room on arrival at the hotel in Norwich on Wednesday afternoon.  I was early, so expected to be told that my room wasn’t ready and I’d have to wait in the bar, but the receptionist upgraded me as they’d only got the de luxe rooms ready.  A nice touch.

Favourite TV programme of the week
Have I got news for you was good this week, with Victoria Coren – as one of my Facebook friends put it – kicking ass!

Progress on last week’s objectives
Complete Intermezzo, my SIG newsletter
- Done
Continue investigating venues for Mensa Brilliant, and ideally book somewhere - Ongoing
Investigate bathroom suppliers/fitters – Ongoing

Key objectives for the coming week

- Start tidying the utility room.  It will be a marathon task so clearing the tops of the washing machine and tumble drier will be a good start
- Arrange visits from 2-3 bathroom fitters
- Sort out outfit for old school Speech Day – a hat is needed!

Favourite Mensa activity this week

Another enjoyable First Thursday meeting at Jury’s Inn, with a good turnout of people. And another speaker for our Mensa Brilliant event!

Most frustrating work meeting of the week

Two days in Norwich, neither of which were really necessary, and required an overnight stay when we’d only just got back from a long weekend away.  On the plus side, I suppose I was showing willing in attending the meetings, and the hotel was excellent.

Most unusual activity this week
Not that unusual really, but I went to my first real Red Hat meeting, which was fun.  Previously I’ve been to the reading group, but as that takes place at someone’s house, dressing up is not required.  This time it was a charity quiz so I duly donned purple top and red fascinator, and had a very pleasant evening with similarly attired ladies of a certain age. 

Sad moment of the week
I visited my sister-in-law in hospital and was sorry to see her looking so poorly, though she is recovering steadily.  Fingers crossed it continues with no further problems.

I was also sad to hear of the premature death of Seve Ballesteros.  Far too young, the same age as me.

Sight of the week
Coming back from Norwich I looked out for where I had previously seen deer across the fields, but there were none around this time – possibly because the farmers had their spraying machines out.  However a little further on I saw something foraging in the verge quite near the roadside, and it was a little muntjac.  I hope it stayed safe.

What have I learned this week
I've just finished our latest reading group book, A Thousand Splendid Suns, by Khaled Hosseini.  It's a harrowing book, but riveting and excellent.  It really brought home to me, in a way that news reports can't, what it must be like to live under a repressive regime.  It personalised what must have been happening to hundreds of thousands of women in that part of the world over many years.  Their dignity and courage made me feel quite humble.