Best day this week
Just for a change, I think Friday.  Saturday and Sunday were good too – no commitments so we had a fairly relaxed weekend.  But Friday I was at home all day, and as I have a lot of leave to use by the end of March and I got quite a lot done in the morning, I awarded myself a half day off.  Then Chris was late home from work (drinks with the lads!) so I had a very self-indulgent evening with some mussels in white wine followed by fresh pineapple.  Lovely!

Best work meeting of the week

Had an enjoyable team meeting in Warwick, although it was a fairly frenetic day starting with an abortive conference call, dash over to Bedford to go to the solicitor with Mum, then off to Warwick for 1pm, and finally back to MK for an evening class at 6.30.  It was good to see colleagues again though.

Favourite meal of the week
We went into the centre for lunch today, as we were going to the cinema later, and we found a new Mexican restaurant called Chimichanga.  I had a really excellent salad with Cajun chicken and roasted vegetables, and Chris had what looked like an excellent steak.  And not horrendously expensive – I have a feeling we will be eating there again.

Favourite Mensa activity this week
We had a bumper attendance at Jury’s Inn on Thursday, including two new members.  It was a pleasure to see so many people chatting away so happily.  Plus, two members who met through First Thursday a few months ago are planning to go into business together, which is very exciting.

Favourite TV programme of the week
As there isn’t a great deal on TV at the moment I’m going to cheat blatantly and go for the film we saw this afternoon: The King’s Speech.  It was so excellent I have to mention it somewhere.  I was a bit wary as it had been so unanimously applauded by everyone who’s seen it, that I worried it might not live up to expectations.  But it was a truly magnificent film – funny, touching, revealing, and touched a few personal notes as well.  Great performances not only from Colin Firth, but also Helena Bonham-Carter, Geoffrey Rush, and Michael Gambon.  I wonder why we don’t go to the cinema more often?

Progress on last week’s objectives
Finalise treasure hunt for the forthcoming Unoff Weekend in Milton Keynes - Done
Complete Intermezzo and send to office for copying and distribution - Done
Do GiftAid forms for RSPCA - Done - or at least, I checked up on them and it seems I am already giftaiding my donation to them.  (I wonder if the cold call last week trying to persuade me to do it over the phone - which I refused - was an attempted scam?)

Key objectives for the coming week
Write a piece for a SIG newsletter
Complete Board election paperwork
I’m going to do the Race for Life this summer, but I need to decide whether I’m going to do the 5K or the 10K, and get myself signed up.  I will only walk it, so I’m pretty sure I can do the longer one, I just need to make the decision!

Least favourite moment of the week
I suppose coming out of the vet’s and, with hindsight, feeling a bit confused about whether Whiskey’s wound was healing well or not.  He seemed pleased with it at first, but then squeezed some more gunk out of it and talked about possible minor surgery.  Oh well, another appointment next week so maybe it will be clearer then.

Most frustrating work meeting of the week
Not a meeting, but an incident that left me mightily upset and angry.  We have a competitor who has a history of spreading misinformation about our system, and they have done it again.  I learned about it in confidence a few weeks ago but was told that we had received the information unofficially and couldn’t really challenge them.  Now it’s resurfaced and risks seriously damaging our reputation unfairly amongst people who don’t understand the background.  I am angry it wasn’t dealt with properly the last time.  I am also incredulous that companies can behave so unethically.  I don’t mind fair criticism of our system but they tell blatant lies.  We should have had the courage to take them to the cleaners years ago.

Walk of the week
I had a day of meetings in London on Monday, in the Tower Hill/Aldgate area.  Then I had an evening appointment at the Barbican.  As I had time, I walked, along London Wall and through the City.  It took me about 30 minutes and was much more pleasant than squashing on to tubes or buses in the rush hour.

What have I learned this week
I’m doing a short course of evening classes for people who are stuck on genealogical problems.  I signed up for it because we have hit a barrier with one great-great-grandfather, and can’t get any further back than him in the early 1800s (though my mother has virtually every other side of the family back much further than that).  Mum first found some of his details over 20 years ago, and I haven’t managed to find out any more despite all the information that is now available online.  Our tutor suggested checking the non-conformist records, which I hadn’t previously done, and I found a possible match for his baptism.  So I learned the value of his advice to challenge all your assumptions, go over what you definitely know, and think what other possibilities there might be.  I don’t know how I can tie down this new candidate but at least it’s a step in the right direction after a 20 year impasse.