Favourite moment of the week
I had a meeting in central London, just north of Oxford Circus, on Friday morning.  As I was at Euston in plenty of time, I walked there – down Tottenham Court Road, and along Goodge Street/Mortimer Street.  It was a beautiful morning and I love to see cities waking up and starting about their daily business.  Shops and cafés opening their shutters, sweeping their steps, putting out their merchandise.  People bustling to work carrying coffees.  It took me about twenty minutes, and put me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Least favourite moment of the week

Sorry to hear our Project Director is leaving, along with a senior manager.  All thanks to that bastion of truth and rectitude, the Daily Mail, which ran a story about him over-promoting her on public money.  When in fact they are both extremely competent and will be a huge loss.

What have I learned this week
I’ve learned that I need to trust my judgement more, rather than waiting for feedback from other people.  If our self-esteem is based on other people’s validation, what happens when they withhold it?

Favourite Mensa activity this week

Good First Thursday meeting at Jury’s Hotel, including an attendee who’d come all the way from Cyprus!  To be fair, she’s an expat Brit, retired to Cyprus, who was back for a couple of weeks visiting family and friends.  But we were delighted to see her again and glad she took the time to join us.  I also spent time planning a different kind of event that I’m hoping to run early next year.

Most frustrating work meeting of the week
Groundhog Day – I’ve had the same meeting about 5 times with one particular person.  She’s always too busy to have done what we talked about last time, or she’s forgotten the details and I have to explain everything again.  I arrived promptly for the meeting, but with her being late, trying to find a meeting room, trying to log on to the computer, moving rooms to a different computer, trying to remember her username and password, we wasted nearly half an hour. Next time I’ll send her a list of prerequisites that I expect her to have completed in advance – not only the tasks agreed this time, but also the basic meeting admin!

Best work meeting of the week

Encouraging meeting with a trust that had previously shown no interest in our system, until they realised they could run it alongside their own system, which they thought was incompatible.  Just need to help them do it!

Favourite meal of the week
Spaghetti with smoked salmon and mayonnaise, a brilliant invention by my other half.  And all the better because he was home in time to cook it himself on Wednesday.

Favourite TV programme of the week

Oh, that’s easy – the divine and incomparable Placido Domingo in the film version of Rigoletto, live from Mantua.  The man is a total god – more versatile than any other tenor, a consummate actor, and now having most of the tenor repertoire under his belt, he’s starting to sing baritone roles as well.  First Simon Boccanegra, and now Rigoletto.  I can’t think of any other world class tenor (possibly apart from Jose Cura, and probably not yet) whose voice is spinto enough to drop into baritone.  Pavarotti may have had a slightly better voice - certainly more distinctive – but he stuck broadly to safe Italian repertoire, and he couldn’t act for toffee!  Domingo, on the other hand, challenges himself constantly and his performances are completely convincing.  What a star.

Oh, and lovely Gok gets a mention too for helping a cancer sufferer regain her body confidence.  He’s such a sweetie!

Sad moment of the week
Five years to the day on Friday 3rd since my Dad died.  Doesn’t seem that long.  And I still miss him lots.