Best day this week
Saturday was a leisurely day with no commitments, though we did get a few useful chores done.

Best work meeting of the week
Meeting in east London where things seem to be going well.  They asked me to visit as they had a few questions, but they were easily answered and so the meeting was fairly quick and straightforward.  It will be interesting to see whether their confidence is reflected in the next set of statistics though!

Favourite meal of the week
We tried a new Spanish tapas restaurant in Milton Keynes on Saturday and I had “pintxos” – sort of small tapas on bread (though I didn't eat the bread).  These were self-service and priced by the colour of the cocktail stick holding each one together.  There were some delicious combinations and it made a nice change.

Favourite Mensa activity this week
The “Grand Day Out” in Buxton, which consisted of a trip to Poole’s Cavern caves in the morning, lunch at a very upmarket Wetherspoon’s (unless all JDWs have gone upmarket – on reflection it’s a while since I was in one), and then a visit to the Chestnut Centre, a wildlife sanctuary specialising particularly in owls and otters.  I don’t actually like to see owls, or any large birds of prey for that matter, cooped up in aviaries, however spacious they are.  They can’t possibly get much opportunity to fly.  Most of them seemed healthy enough but quite grumpy, but maybe that’s just how owls are.  The otters, on the other hand, were delightful and seemed to thoroughly enjoy splashing about in their pools.

Favourite moment of the week
I think the moment I climbed in the car after my last meeting on Friday afternoon and headed home.  We finished earlier than scheduled and it was a lovely afternoon.

Favourite TV programme of the week
Psychoville is revving up for quite a finish next week.  This series is different from the last one, almost has a “whodunit” feel about it, and for a surreal comedy series there some moments of real poignancy with terrific acting.

Progress on last week’s objectives
Finalise Mensa Brilliant venue - Done
Make checkup appointment at the vet’s  - Done
Get back on the treadmill in preparation for the Race for Life – well, I’ve done one stint so I suppose that just counts!

Key objectives for the coming week
- Tidy top of utility room fridge
- Buy material to cover office chair
- Fix visit to Matlock Records office to continue family history research

Most frustrating work meeting of the week
The meeting itself seemed to go quite well – a trust that was having huge problems accessing our system.  I visited them and we managed to establish that some people could access the system after all, and that there was a consistent pattern between those who could and those who couldn’t.  However, the following day I received an email saying they thought the problem was our fault and casually mentioning an additional issue that they just failed to tell me about during my visit.  Grrr.

Sad moment of the week
Not one moment as such, but it’s sad to see one of our cats looking so old and frail these days.  She has mobility problems now and is quite unsteady on her back legs.  She used to be very agile and a great hunter but now she spends most of the day sleeping.  Still, she doesn’t seem to have chronic pain and is still eating well.  The other one makes up for her in terms of hyperactivity and attention-seeking behaviour but she’s also on medication for hyperthyroidism.  The problems of older cats.

Sight of the week
Five otters hanging on the fence of their enclosure looking for all the world like a fur coat.  I didn’t know otters could climb.  We think they knew it was feeding time and were getting a bit impatient.

What have I learned this week
I’m doing a carb-free eating plan at the moment, on the advice of a nutritionist , as I’ve been feeling very tired.  I’m surprised at how effective it is – I have to stay on it at least until my next appointment at the end of the month, and even after a week I’m feeling better.  It’s limiting in some ways – no bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, no processed food, no fruit after lunchtime, and only one cup of coffee a day, but I am enjoying cheese, nuts, avocadoes and various other things that I’ve previously avoided because of their calorific value – as well as fish, chicken, salads, vegetables, eggs, etc.  And I appear to be losing weight as well.  I suspect that after a month’s detox I may be able to introduce certain foods back into my diet to see what is really causing the problem.