Best day this week
Saturday again.  I sorted out a car insurance quote, got some of my Christmas preparations done, and in the afternoon we went to see Spamalot, which was excellent.  After that we went for an early dinner at a local Persian buffet restaurant, which was interesting.  It’s very like Greek and Turkish – hummus, tzatsiki, olives, kebabs, and baklava for dessert.  One of their specialty dishes is chicken with prunes, which is much nicer than it sounds.  During the afternoon and early evening the snow had largely disappeared, which cheered me enormously.  Then home for a lazy evening.

Best decision of the week
Possibly to go to London on Tuesday evening by train instead of driving.  We were meeting friends for dinner in east London, and it would normally be an easy drive, but I was worried about more snow.  As it was near a tube station I decided to do it by public transport, and I was enormously grateful when we came out of the restaurant that I didn’t have a long drive home.  Plus it meant I could have a glass of wine.

Best work activity of the week
At short notice, because of the weather, I replaced a meeting in south west London with an online (Webex) meeting.  I sort of dropped myself in it, because although I participate in them regularly I’ve never hosted one before.  It worked surprisingly well, both technically and in terms of meeting efficiency.  I have therefore got the Webex bug and set up a number of other sessions over the next couple of weeks.

Favourite meal of the week
In terms of the actual food: Chris cooked his salmon and pasta speciality on Wednesday, which was excellent.  In terms of a dining experience generally, we had a lovely meal with friends in east London on Tuesday evening.

‘Not what we were supposed to be doing’ event of the week
On Tuesday evening we’d booked an event on a ship we’ve wanted to look round for a while. It was just berthed in Tilbury docks (exotic!) but there was a guided tour, dinner, a show, and then bed and breakfast on board, all for a very reasonable price.  Some friends of ours who also like cruising were joining us. 

Last week we heard that the ship was still abroad being serviced, so the evening had been cancelled.  Instead, we agreed to meet our friends for dinner in London, at a favourite restaurant that we all knew.  On arrival we discovered that it was no longer “our” restaurant, but had become an unrelated Italian restaurant instead.  They still had our booking but had conveniently failed to mention on the phone that they were no longer the Hadley House.  So another change of plan, though we did have a very nice meal.  On top of that I’d intended to drive as it’s an easy journey to Wanstead, but with the snow (and more forecast), I changed my mind and took the train instead. 

However, despite all the changes of plan, we had a very enjoyable evening.

Favourite Mensa activity this week
Given the weather, I didn’t expect to see anyone at First Thursday at Jury’s Inn this week.  When we had the snow in February, Chris and I were on our own for that meeting.  However this time we not only had two regulars, but also a new person who had braved the snow to join us.  As a result we had a very pleasant evening.

Least favourite moment of the week
Waking up on Thursday morning to find it was snowing again, and I had to drive to Newmarket in a couple of hours

Favourite moment of the week
Getting a text about 7.15 am on Thursday morning to tell me the conference I was supposed to be going to in Newmarket was cancelled.

Favourite TV programme of the week
Miranda was back up to her usual standard this week – a few moments of slightly dodgy bedroom farce, but other than that another excellent episode

Sight of the week
Possibly Matthew Kelly doing Monty Python.  He's not the most obvious choice, but he did a great job as King Arthur in Spamalot.  He alternates with Marcus Brigstocke, who I imagine would play the role somewhat differently.  But it was good fun and an excellent way to pass a Saturday afternoon.

Progress on last week’s objectives
Convert another two more old videos to DVD - Done
Book theatre tickets for shows we want to see from next season’s brochure - Done
Decide on pension option – Nearly done, but I wanted to confirm my decision using the NHS Pensions online calculator – which turns out to be down for maintenance over the weekend.  So hopefully the decision will be made and the form returned on Monday!
Put up Christmas decorations!!! - Done

Key objectives for the coming week
Continue converting videos to DVD.  I’m trying to free up space on a bookcase, by converting a whole series of video’ed films and TV programmes to DVD.  It’s a slow process but at least now I’ve started again I’m gradually making progress.
Write Christmas cards and buy enough stamps.
Renew car insurance.  I’ve found a better quote than the renewal quote from my current insurer, but it’s not due until mid-month so I wasn’t going to pay up too early!
Clean out larder cupboard and throw away outdated stuff.

Most unusual activity this week
I went to church!  Anyone who knows me will know how unusual and unexpected that sounds.  No, the church didn’t fall down.  Chris had spotted that Milton Keynes City Orchestra were doing a concert at a local church so we went along.  It turned out to be just the brass section, and it was a carol concert, which meant I got to have a good old sing along.  I really enjoyed it and it’s got me into a Christmassy mood.

What have I learned this week
Well, I’ve learned a lot more about Webex!  What to do if I’m hosting and my browser crashes, whether or not two people can host concurrent meetings on one user licence (they can’t), and how to direct the audio through my PC rather than a phone line.  I’m not planning to become a Webex nerd but it’s a useful tool, and long past time I got to grips with using it to host meetings and presentations.

I’m also learning that I hate snow with a passion, and it’s getting worse as I get older.  I just can’t understand why people think it’s pretty.  We have the gift of multicoloured vision and I find it thoroughly depressing to see the landscape robbed of colour and looking bland and anaemic.  It’s taken me a long time to put my finger on what it is I don’t like about it; for ages I thought I was just worrying about the practicalities of getting about in snow, but I’ve realised it’s much more than that.  Roll on spring!