Best work activity of the week
I had a couple of days at home this week so managed to catch up quite significantly on a backlog of emails and other tasks.  Part of me feels guilty when I’m not out and about meeting trusts, but there is no doubt that a big part of the job involves the admin side of correspondence, planning, research, familiarisation with the system, and so on, much of which is really best done in uninterrupted office time.

Best work meeting of the week
Interesting activity on Friday afternoon, participating in an interview panel at a London trust for the position of eLearning Manager.  Since I don’t manage anyone in my current role, it’s probably ten years since I’ve been involved in recruitment but I actually quite enjoy interviewing.  There were just two candidates, and fortunately they made it very easy for us.  One was streets ahead of the other, so it wasn’t a difficult decision.

Favourite Mensa activity this week
We had a Board planning workshop over the weekend, to which I was invited as a Board member-elect.  I know most of the other Board members pretty well already but it was good to get to know the others, and we had a thoroughly enjoyable and productive weekend.

Favourite moment of the week
Friday evening, when I arrived home after the interviews in north London with a definite “that’s the end of the week” feeling.  Chris was out with friends so I had a very laid back evening catching up with some paperwork for a weekend meeting.

Favourite TV programme of the week

The start of a new series - Elegance and Decadence: The Age of the Regency.  Dr Lucy Worsley is a real character and I hope we’ll see more of her on TV.

Sad moment of the week
On Saturday it was six years since my father died.  I still miss him: his wisdom and knowledge, his reminiscences, his pride in me and my brothers.

Other anniversary of the week
I always remember 4th September every year as that was the date in 1967 that I started boarding school as an innocent and desperately homesick ten year old. 

What have I learned this week
I learned that the Regency preoccupation with England and the English countryside was due to the curtailment of European travel caused by the Napoleonic Wars.  I’d never really thought about it before, but it was the era of Turner and Constable, and the era of the grand continental tour was in decline.  I didn’t realise how long the Grand Tour had been going – evidently from the 17th  century, when I had always assumed it was a late 18th/early 19th century phenomenon.

I’ve also learned a lot more about the work of the Mensa Board.  It’s going to be hard work but I think I’m going to enjoy it and learn a lot more over the next three years.