Best day this week
Best evening really….my brother’s 50th birthday party on Saturday night.  To be honest, I expected to stay a couple of hours because I didn’t think I’d know many people, and it was going to be a noisy and very drunken evening.  However, we got home at 4am after an evening filled with more laughter than I’ve had for ages.  Admittedly most of it was at my brother and nephew’s alcohol-fuelled antics.  It was like going back thirty years to parties when we were young.  I enjoyed meeting a few people I hadn’t seen for years, and rather shamefully I particularly enjoyed the smug “thank god I don’t really drink any more” feeling.  At about 2am we were playing “killer” pub skittles and I got a couple of good scores, though not consistent enough to win.  Happy memories!

Me with my two brothers, Evan and Mark

Favourite meal of the week
Not a whole meal exactly, but a couple of cracking desserts.  The interesting one: three sorbets, in ascending order of “interestingness”: raspberry, mango & banana, and finally the pièce de resistance, strawberry & basil.  Definitely well worth eschewing chocolate torte for.  The pure-unadulterated-luxury-and-worth-every-calorie one: Italian coffee ice cream at a new restaurant we’ve not been to before.  A really rich coffee taste, not an insipid latte like some of them.  Pure heaven.

Best work meeting of the week
Our monthly team meeting which was, as ever, serious but not heavy.  I finally got to meet a colleague on the team who, for one reason or another has never been in the same meetings as me.  I’ve spoken to her on the phone and recognised her distinctive Geordie accent, and she immediately said the same – she recognised me by my voice.

Green-eyed moment of the week
Given half a chance, I would have killed one of my colleagues for a beautiful pair of very high heeled scarlet court shoes that she was wearing the day of our team meeting.  Absolutely fabulous.

Favourite Mensa activity this week
We went to someone else’s meeting for a change!  Notwithstanding a nightmare journey and embarrassingly late arrival, we were made very welcome and had an enjoyable time with a small but very pleasant group of people. 

Favourite moment of the week
Seeing the musical Hairspray.  I’m not generally that keen on musicals and wouldn’t have picked this as a show to see, but I’m immensely glad we did.  It was three shameless hours of fun, great music and a thoroughly feelgood story.  We’re even thinking of going again!

Favourite TV programme of the week

Boring and predictable, but QI again.  I like David Mitchell’s sense of humour.

Progress on last week’s objectives

Clear out my makeup drawer and put a load of unused stuff on Freecycle - Done
Book IMAG hotel – Ah  - bit of a misunderstanding there; the IMAG hotel isn’t yet taking bookings.  Will re-add as an objective later when available.
Get into Bedford town centre to take a couple of photos for an article I’ve written for Empress, our regional newsletter - Failed on this one I'm afraid.  The day I'd arranged to go to Bedford turned out to be very wet so wouldn't have produced very good photos. Will do it another time when I'm over visiting my mother.
Arrange appointments with 3-4 possible new cleaners – Narrowed down shortlist to two, and have appointments Mon & Tues.

Key objectives for the coming week

Arrange a replacement cleaner
Read through the Pension Choice literature
Clear out and tidy underwear drawer
Sort out outfit for my nephew’s wedding in a couple of weeks

Least favourite moment of the week

Sitting in stationary traffic on the M1 on the way to a Mensa evening elsewhere in the region, with no clue as to what was happening and when we might get moving again.  It was dark and very wet, so although a couple of people were out of their cars we stayed put.  Plus, I had forgotten to bring the meeting details/mag with me so we couldn’t call the host to say we were going to be late.  Tempers became frayed! On top of that we then got lost trying to find the venue itself.  Still, it was enjoyable when we finally got there.

Sobering moment of the week
My youngest brother turned fifty yesterday.  That’s sobering!

What have I learned this week

I’ve learned that sometimes the destination becomes less important when you realise how much you’re enjoying the journey.  Life is fun at the moment.

Also that my youngest brother is just as funny drunk now as when we were teenagers :-)