Best day this week
Friday – the day we left for our holiday.  We were up, not exactly bright-eyed, at 3.30am for a 4.30 pickup to Luton Airport.  Last minute traffic chaos around the airport approach (normal for Luton apparently, even at 5.00 am) did not prevent us checking in on time, and we had a pleasant 3 hour flight to Corfu from where we boarded our ship around lunchtime.  It’s a ship we know, so we settled in easily, and were completely relaxed (no, not a euphemism for legless) by dinner time.  Saturday (our first port of call in Montenegro) and Sunday (at sea) were also thoroughly enjoyable.

Most frustrating work meeting of the week
Just the one formal meeting this week, and a mixed success.  I was presenting to a group of Heads of IT, asking for their support for our system as it does need IT input and HR staff don’t always have the right language to explain to IT professionals the tasks required.  The reaction was a bit savage from some directions but I never take challenges personally, and in any case as it was my last afternoon before holidays I cared even less!

Best work activity of the week
This week and last week were fairly light meetings-wise so I have been able to catch up on emails and other tasks outstanding.  I’m looking forward to losing East of England and just concentrating on London.  Although I’ll have the same number of trusts – possibly more – it will be less complicated just dealing with one set of regional meetings and issues.

Favourite meal of the week

Our first meal on board was good, not just because the food was good, but because we ate in the table service restaurant where the service is excellent and the staff are friendly.

Favourite Mensa activity this week
I’ve finally confirmed my speakers and got publicity out for my Mensa Brilliant workshop on 1st October.  And I’ve taken my first bookings, so I’m pleased that some people are interested at least!  Hopefully I will come home to find some more enquiries and bookings.

Favourite moment of the week
Boarding the plane and taking off on holiday.

Favourite TV programme of the week
The second part of Three men go to Venice – like last week I enjoyed the banter, but in particular I enjoyed seeing the ports we will be visiting.

Mad purchase of the week
I splashed out on a package of three treatments in the health & beauty salon – it was the 15% discount that swung it – a silly amount of money but I like to pamper myself on holiday.  Yesterday I had an Ayurvedic head and face massage, and today I had my hair trimmed and a deep conditioning treatment applied. 

Most unusual activity this week
Visiting the ship’s bridge earlier today.  As it’s a day at sea and things are relatively quiet they were showing small groups of passengers around the bridge and we were lucky enough to get tickets.  Whilst we were there there was a minor emergency (phone rings, officer on watch answers..”oh dear, which engine?”  Eeek) but it was all resolved without any panic.

Sight of the week
The sail into our first port of call of Kotor, in Montenegro, through the Bay of Boka, is breathtaking.  Sadly it was dark when we sailed out so the effect was somewhat lost then but it’s two hours of amazing scenery.

What have I learned this week
I’ve learned that although sometimes I over-analyse decisions and find it difficult to make up my mind, there are other times when I just know what’s right.  I’ve spent quite a lot of money recently on seeing a nutritionist and various other professionals, and with not only the consultations but all the treatments they recommended, the costs were spiralling out of control and I was starting to despair.  I decided to stop all further sessions and save my money, and immediately felt much better.  I’ve been wondering for a while whether to stop, but this week I just knew it was the right time.