Best work meeting of the week
I had a meeting of London users this week that went quite well.  We had quite a lot of discussion of specific points, which the group seemed to find quite helpful.  They are a nice group – just wish they were a bit more energised about getting on with it.

Outing of the week
Another interesting Red Hat book group, where it was fascinating to hear the different reactions to this month’s book, Miss Garnet’s Angel, by Salley Vickers.  After a slow start, I ended up enjoying it very much.  It was full of mythology and symbolism, and charted the blossoming of a retired schoolteacher who went to live in Venice.  However, I was the only person who actually liked it – the others found it slow with not enough action.  I suspect they will like the next one and I won’t.

Favourite moment of the week
Discovering unexpectedly that Chris had booked champagne and chocolates on our flight as a surprise for our anniversary.  It was a lovely thought, especially as I’d actually forgotten!

Progress on last week’s objectives
Download books to Kindle for holiday - Done.  The latest Jasper Fforde, and a couple more Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency should see me through the week.
Investigate venues and speakers for Mensa Brilliant – Made a start but haven’t finalised anything yet.
Get ready for holiday (packing, cat food, Euros, etc) – Done.

Objectives for this week
Nothing this week – I’m too busy relaxing!

Least favourite moment of the week
Standing in the arrivals hall at Gran Canaria airport waiting for our suitcases, when the flow of baggage on the carousel suddenly dried up, and our flight was taken down off the belt signage.  About half our flight were still waiting for their bags.  It didn’t seem to have been reassigned anywhere else, there was no-one to ask, it was about 9.30 pm and we were wondering if the coach would wait and whether we’d ever get to our hotel.  Staff, when tracked down, seemed to have no clue what was happening. Eventually the luggage flow restarted as abruptly as it had stopped.  Normally I’m quite assertive about finding someone to ask and getting problems resolved, but in this case,  for the 15-20 minutes when total chaos reigned, I felt frighteningly impotent.

Most frustrating work activity this week
A phone call on Friday morning with my manager, who – without discussing it with me – announced their plans for one of my regions despite the fact that I had spent a laborious couple of weeks of my own writing a plan as requested.  I think they have underestimated the resource that will be required there, and subsequent discussions with their proposed replacement suggest I’m right – but on the other hand if I’m no longer responsible for it, do I care?  At least it does seem as though I will be allowed to concentrate just on one region, which will be much more satisfying.  That’s assuming we get the budget for our team to continue at all – still no news although our contracts have been extended for a further month until 31st July.

Most unusual activity this week
I had a fish pedicure.  It was unusual, tickly, but not unpleasant.  I just started with 15 minutes, though I might have another longer one later in the week.  They did a very nice job of tidying up my cuticles, though I think the dry skin on my heels needs a bit more work.  I wonder whether to have a manicure too?

What have I learned this week
I’ve learned once again that baggage reclaim is often the most stressful part of any flight.  And although I had forgotten most of the Spanish I learned on the one-day workshop a couple of months ago, I have brushed up a bit and have ordered drinks in Spanish today.