Best day this week
I think Saturday was the best day this week.  It was quite leisurely, although we were very brave and did a Tesco run – would normally avoid weekends as it’s bedlam, but there was only one sachet of cat food left.  Mid afternoon we drove up to Nottingham in preparation for a friend’s Halloween party in the evening.  The party itself was very pleasant and our hotel was nice, so all in all an enjoyable day.

Best decision of the week
The cleaners we finally decided on look like they might work out very well.  They started on Friday and were certainly very thorough – and still the same price as our old cleaner.

Best work activity of the week
It was the final project board meeting at one of my trusts which is implementing our system, as they’ve come to the end of their pilot and are now just going to press ahead with full implementation.  Like all previous meetings, it was efficiently run, with all actions reported on and up to date.  An exemplary model of how to run a project properly.

Favourite meal of the week
Meals (plural), actually – with the weather turning colder, and also being at home for lunch several days this week, I’ve been making soup again.  On Wednesday I made some bread too.  So although it was quite simple, I think my favourite meal was homemade pea and mint soup with a slice of freshly-baked homemade bread.

Favourite Mensa activity this week

Although not strictly a Mensa activity, I enjoyed the Halloween party which was hosted by Mensan friend.  Our other activity this week was supposed to be a Chinese meal here in MK, but the restaurant turned out to have closed down so it was very hastily a Giraffe meal instead.

Favourite moment of the week

One of my favourite moments was trying on my new lipstick a bit hesitantly, and then realising “Ooh yes!  I like it!”

Favourite TV programme of the week

I finally caught up with the one episode of Who do you think you are? that I missed from the last series: the final one featuring Alan Cumming.  I’d seen good reviews of it and certainly it was one of the classics.  He came across as a lovely chap too.

Progress on last week’s objectives

Finalise arrangements for local Mensa open meeting in Bedford in January – Nearly complete – have a draft timetable and agreement about who’s doing what, just need to confirm the last few items.
Buy hat/mask/at least a token nod towards fancy dress for a Halloween party next weekend – Done
Submit some nominations for Mensa Awards 2010 - Done
Finish and send Intermezzo - Done

Key objectives for the coming week

It’s another busy week work-wise, so bearing in mind a couple of weeks ago when I failed spectacularly on personal objectives, I’m limiting myself to three:
- Go through Christmas card stock and buy enough for this year
- Plan some time off to use up my annual leave
- Start researching what to do and see on the Isle of Wight, where we’re spending a few days at New Year (I know there’s plenty to see and do; it’s more a prioritisation exercise!)

Mad purchase of the week

I decided I wanted some bright red lipstick, so I bought the brightest, reddest pillar box lipstick that I could find.  I love it so much I’m wearing it all the time, and actually I’m pleased that several people have commented that they like it too.

Sight of the week
Chris with a Frank the Rabbit (from Donnie Darko) head on for the Halloween party.  It’s truly horrible, but it was a great success at the party.

What have I learned this week
That I really don’t miss drinking as much as I sometimes think I do.  We were given a lift from the hotel to the party and I thought it would be great to have a few drinks.  But I ended up a bit frustrated – all this freedom, and I realised I actually didn’t particularly fancy anything.  No reflection on the range of drinks available, just that when it came to it, having a couple of drinks didn’t seem such an attractive proposition.  I need to remember that.