Best day this week
Saturday, I think.  It was fairly leisurely apart from my presentation skills client in the afternoon, and after an early dinner at a local upmarket Indian restaurant (with a money off voucher which made it very good value indeed!) we just had a relaxing evening.

Best work activity of the week
Good meeting on Friday afternoon, of a group that should have started months ago but is just getting off the ground.  Interesting hearing updates from the various attendees, and it is going to be a useful forum.

Favourite meal of the week
Despite having two perfectly nice meals at quite upmarket restaurants this week, I’m going to go for Nando’s, where we went for Sunday lunch.  I was going to have my usual peri-peri chicken burger with fries, but spotted an interesting-sounding couscous and chickpea salad, so had the chicken with that instead.  It was delicious.  Then I was going to follow it with frozen yogurt but as the machine was out of order I had scrummy chocolate cheesecake.

Favourite Mensa activity this week
Not strictly a Mensan activity as we had no official events, but I had my first presentation skills coaching client on Saturday.  It went very well, I think, and the client seemed to pick up a lot of things she didn’t know before.  I enjoyed it, and she was very personable and interesting.  There is a lot of overlap between presentation and training skills, which we did cross over into somewhat, so it made me wonder about offering a train-the-trainer course as well.

Favourite moment of the week
It sounds odd, but I think it was when the vet found the infected wound on our cat’s leg.  It was such a relief to know what was making her so under the weather, and that it wasn’t anything more serious.

Favourite TV programme of the week
There is a serious dearth of good TV at the moment.  I don’t think anything stands out: even QI is back to repeats.

Progress on last week’s objectives
Complete a set of forms I need to do – Have made a start, but need to give them a lot of thought so won’t be finalsing them just yet
Prepare for our first coaching client next weekend - Done
Finish the current issue of Intermezzo and send to the office – Done apart from a couple of photos awaited from another SIG member.

Key objectives for the coming week
Finalise treasure hunt for the forthcoming Unoff Weekend in Milton Keynes
Complete Intermezzo and send to office for copying and distribution
Do GiftAid forms for RSPCA
Review website pages for Board election, and update in readiness for this year

Walk of the week
We promised to design a treasure hunt for an event in about a month’s time, when a whole bunch of friends are descending on MK for the weekend.  We did the first draft this afternoon; hopefully it will just need checking next weekend to make sure there are no faux pas.  It wasn’t too cold, and it was a nice walking round CMK for a couple of hours, including over the foot bridge into rural Campbell Park for a contrast to the urban landscape in the centre.

Least favourite moment of the week
The “doh!” moment on Thursday when I realised that I’d completely forgotten to go to my evening class on Wednesday.  The one I paid plenty to sign up for, and the week we were finally going to start discussing our own family history research problems, having done two preliminary weeks of theory.  How could I possibly have forgotten that?

Most unusual activity this week
Unusual in the sense that it seemed a bit incongruous to start with, but putting a little presentation set-up in our dining room for my coaching client.  But it all worked beautifully.  I’m chuffed to bits with my data projector, and my little table-top screen is simple and effective.  I put it all up initially in case she needed to practise presenting, but in fact it worked well as a way of me demo’ing Powerpoint functionality, rather than both of us huddling round my netbook.  And so quick and easy to put away again afterwards so the dining room doesn’t have to stay cluttered with equipment.

Sight of the week
Our poor cat in a plastic collar to stop her licking an infected wound on her leg.  She’s being very stoical about it and hasn’t tried to get it off.  I remove it twice a day to give her her tablets and let her eat comfortably, and I feel awful having to put it back on again.  She does look comical in it but it can’t be much fun for her.

Sobering moment of the week
I suppose when the credit card bill came in with the projector and screen on it.  They were exceptionally good value for expensive pieces of equipment, and I’m pleased with both of them, but it was quite a hit on one bill, on top of other regular stuff.  Ouch!

What have I learned this week
I’ve learned how to get a plastic collar on to a cat without traumatising it too much.  And I’ve learned that I do have useful knowledge and skills to impart about presenting, and that there might be mileage in train-the-trainer too.