Favourite moment of the week?
I had about four hours between meetings in London on Monday, and wasn’t sure how I would kill so much time.  I found a Costa Coffee shop in the basement of a Waterstones book shop, where it was quiet and there was a mobile signal for my 3G stick.  With no other distractions, I was able to plough through my email backlog so I felt on top of things again.  And as I went back to the counter and bought more coffee periodically, they didn’t throw me out.  I left for my second meeting, feeling I’d really made good use of the time.

Least favourite moment of the week?
No real downers this week, though I got a little frustrated with some of the questions my boss asked during a conference call.

What have I learned this week?
That Llandudno is as good as I remembered it from thirty years ago, and seriously underrated as a British seaside resort.  And that I don’t mind walking up hills as much as I thought – particularly if there’s a spectacular view from the top.

Favourite Mensa activity this week?
Excellent day riding the Bletchley to Bedford line with 5 other Mensa pals, meeting a sixth in Bedford.  Lunch in Nando’s followed by a walk along the Embankment – easily the loveliest spot in Bedford – and the train back to Bletchley.

Best work meeting of the week?
A meeting with the leader of a project that has some synergy with ours, to see where we can work together, produce joint communications, etc.  We’re going to develop and deliver a joint workshop to clarify to people how they can get the best out of both our projects at the same time.

Favourite meal of the week?
Easy one – hake and crab thermidor at The Seahorse, a superb fish restaurant in Llandudno.  Not cheap, but lovely ambiance and great service.

Favourite TV programme of the week?
I’m a sucker for Who Do You Think You Are?  I loved that Alexander Armstrong was so chuffed about being descended from royalty.