Best day this week
Friday evening was nice.  I had a busy day on Friday - two meetings in London – after a fairly busy week, so it was lovely just to relax, cook an easy meal, and watch a bit of TV.

Best decision of the week
Well, what I hope will prove to be the best decision anyway – in a moment of enthusiasm I arranged two meetings on opposite sides of London for this coming Monday.  I hadn’t decided whether to drive or use public transport, but either way it was going to be a bit tight getting to them both on time.  Then the tube strike was announced and people started sending apologies for the afternoon meeting.  So Friday morning I decided to cancel it and replace it with an online (Webex) meeting that we can all do from the comfort of our own desks.  I have tested it over the weekend so I hope it works ok!

Best work activity of the week
Activity – literally.  I had a meeting at Paddington on Monday morning, so got the early train with Chris and had time to walk.  It was a nice morning and I enjoy walking in central London.  This time I cut off into some side streets just past Marylebone and ended up along Sussex Gardens and approaching Paddington that way.  I’d clocked up nearly three miles by the time I arrived.

Favourite meal of the week
I’m enjoying porridge for breakfast these days.  It’s not something I’ve ever eaten a lot of, but I had it for breakfast one of the days when we were in Scotland earlier in the year, and I noticed it really filled me up until lunchtime.  And now it’s cold, it’s particularly warm and filling.  And so easy – mix with water and stick in the microwave – my kind of cooking!

Favourite Mensa activity this week

An unusually quiet week Mensa-wise – no meetings or events.

Favourite moment of the week

Waking up at 6 am this morning in a panic because I hadn’t planned my tube-avoiding route to Harringay, and then realising with relief that it was Sunday, not Monday, and not only did I have plenty of time to investigate but also I didn’t have to get up then but could lie in as long as I wanted.  Nice realisation to have.

Favourite TV programme of the week

A toss up between HIGNFY, Buzzcocks, and QI this week.  Miranda wasn’t quite as good as the opening episode so I hope it’s not slipping.

Progress on last week’s objectives
Convert at least two more old videos to DVD - Done
Continue tidying out office filing cabinet - Done
Research Glasgow for forthcoming rail trip – Done.
Investigate if there are any firmware updates available for my mobile – Done

Key objectives for the coming week
Convert another two more old videos to DVD
Book theatre tickets for shows we want to see from next season’s brochure
Decide on pension option
Put up Christmas decorations!!!

Most unusual activity this week

Not that unusual I suppose, but I had to attend a meeting in a government secure building (Fire Control Centre apparently …..hmmm).  I had to supply my car details in advance and was told I would need ID to enter.  I arrived early and was going to park on the road and do some work in the car, but I was waved in by the security guard, who greeted me by name (spooky, until I realised he had all my details cross-referenced to my registration number), raised a barrier, unlocked an electric gate, and told me to park anywhere I liked, but facing the building (ie tail end furthest away from the building).  He didn’t elaborate, and I didn’t ask!  There was no proper front entrance, just a side door into a dining area where people were milling around eating lunch.  No sign of a receptionist to ask – but then another chap greeted me by name (really spooky – he hadn’t seen the car, so how did he know?) and asked me to sign for an ID badge.  It was all very secret squirrel. 

Sight of the week

A couple we know have been on Channel 4 this week so that was interesting.  They own a B&B and took part in a series called Four in a Bed that works a bit like Come Dine With Me – four sets of B&B owners take turns staying in each others’ places, and then rate the experience.  It was quite eventful and the mood and spirit of fair play deteriorated through the week.  Our people didn’t win, but I think the only winners were really the TV production company, who got to manipulate the contestants, selectively edit, create friction and drama, and generally make the programme they wanted to make.

What have I learned this week
I like to think I’m not prejudiced, though I think everyone is to some degree.  But coming home on Friday reminded me that I fall into the trap sometimes.  I just made it on to a crowded train, and was standing in the lobby when I saw a young lad further up the carriage clearing his bag off the seat beside him and making room.  I nipped up and grabbed the seat before anyone else saw it, only to see the lad looking a bit flustered and mouthing to a friend who had just jumped on to the train behind me “she’s taken your seat”.  It never occurred to me he was saving it for someone.  Both lads looked like they had – well – attitude.  I said I’d get up and let his friend sit down but he said it was fine, I could stay in the seat.  A couple of stops later the train emptied out somewhat so I moved somewhere else so the friend could have the seat, and I apologised to him that I’d taken it by mistake.  The friend also reassured me that it wasn’t a problem.

Regardless of the rights and wrongs of who was entitled to the seat, I’d have said the lads both looked like they could have turned unpleasant, and I’d have been very wary of upsetting them on purpose.  But I was wrong - they were perfectly polite and courteous.  I need to challenge my assumptions more.

I’ve also learned, whilst investigating alternative tube-avoiding routes for tomorrow, that the TfL maps that I previously thought infallible have various strange idiosyncracies. It’s always worth double checking if you’re not sure!