Best day this week
Saturday – my brother and sister-in-law in Lincoln had a barbecue for my brother’s birthday, and all the family were there.  We picked Mum up around lunchtime and got there just after 2.  Chris and I had decided to stay over and had booked into a local B&B, so it meant we didn’t have to rush back and we could both have a drink.  Fortunately the weather stayed fine and we were able to sit in their lovely garden.  It was a great day.

Best decision of the week
To stay over Saturday night in Lincoln.  We stayed at my brother’s until about 11pm, walked to our B&B, which was fabulous, and then spent most of Sunday with them too.  It was lovely to catch up – though we have seen them fairly recently.

Best work activity of the week
This week was the busiest for some time – in London every day except Friday, with two appointments on Thursday.  They were all fairly encouraging, with trusts all either underway with implementing our system, or wanting to start.

Favourite meal of the week
The barbecue that my brother and sister-in-law did on Saturday.  They put down an amazing spread, followed by a wonderful array of desserts.

Favourite Mensa activity this week
Not strictly a Mensa meeting, but we had dinner with a Mensa friend this week at an excellent local oriental buffet restaurant.

Favourite moment of the week

Getting home on Thursday evening after a long day with two meetings, finishing in Croydon.  Fortunately I was able to get a direct train back to MK but it was a long day and it was nice to finish knowing I was at home on Friday, before a bank holiday weekend.

Favourite TV programme of the week
Sadly the last episode of The Hour didn’t live up to expectations.  Melodramatic, unrealistic, unresolved……however, the consensus appears to be that it has been deliberately left open for a new series.  Who do you think you are? was interesting, though I’m not a great fan of Seb Coe.  But early on when he visited his cousin I recognised her as a girl I was at school with.  I thought it was odd that I’d never known he was her cousin, until I realised that when I was at school Seb Coe wasn’t famous.  Cue very elderly feeling….!

Least favourite moment of the week
Saying goodbye to my beloved Citroen Picasso.  It’s been a faithful friend for nearly seven years, with only a few temperamental moments, and I’ve driven 118,000 miles in it.  It’s roomy and comfortable, even though it handles like a tank and takes off from a standing start like a tortoise.  But it was starting to need serious money spent on it so the time had come to trade it in for something newer.

Purchase of the week
The new car…. a 2½ year old Mercedes A Class.  My favourite feature is Bluetooth readiness – I can leave my phones in my bag and still answer and make calls from buttons on the dash and steering wheel.  Oh, and the automatic folding wing mirrors.  I do miss the Picasso’s handbag space between the front seats where the centre console is in the A Class though!

What have I learned this week

I’ve learned how much unnecessary clutter I had in the old car.  I thought I sorted things out periodically, but having had to remove everything and go through it, it’s amazing how much I decided not to put back into the new one.

I've also learned how it's possible to know so much and so little about people at the same time.  A fellow Old Blue (old girl of my school) had written on our internet forum about being treated for cancer, and kept us abreast with the progress of her illness.  I think we knew the prognosis wasn't good, although she didn't spell it out.  We noticed that her postings had tailed off and often wondered how she was, as we had no other way of contacting her.  We knew about her husband, her family, her school memories, her work in a charity shop: so much we did know, but not her address or phone number.  We wished her happy birthday on the forum in early August, and were a little concerned not to hear from her even then.  Finally one of our number thought of googling her name and town, and discovered from her local paper's website that she had died at the beginning of July.  Despite never having met her, and not being close enough to her family to have been informed of her death, we were all saddened and felt we had lost a friend.  It's a curious feature of life on the internet.