Best decision of the week
Remains to be seen whether it actually works out to be a good decision, but I am hoping it will be our decision to book a Voyage of Discovery cruise to the Eastern Med and the Holy Land later in the year.  So many destinations that sounded irresistible – it was a toss up between that one and one other, but we liked the transparency of this company better – were rather deterred by the other one’s hidden charges that only emerged once we started asking a few questions.  We were at the Cruise Show at Olympia so had the chance to speak to a number of the operators first hand.

Best work meeting of the week
Useful meeting with a key stakeholder in one of my patches, whom I’ve only met once before.  I was pleased to realise that he is shrewd, appreciative, and fun.

Favourite meal of the week
We were invited to a friend’s 50th birthday dinner at Red Hot World Buffet, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  It wasn’t our local branch, which is usually packed, a bit scruffy, noisy and frankly not very pleasant.  The dinner was at another nearby branch which was smaller and had a much nicer atmosphere.  It was a lovely evening.

Favourite Mensa activity this week
Sunday breakfast at Carluccio’s this morning.  We had previously tried Café Rouge, which was definitely better the second time, but having done a personal recce last week we decided to try Carluccio’s this time and it was a real success.  It’s a little more expensive, but everyone agreed that the food was better and the service impeccable, so it was worth it.  Failing a disaster next time, it may very well become our permanent venue for Sunday breakfast.

Favourite moment of the week
I think when I found out on Thursday morning, about an hour before setting out, that my meeting in Norwich that afternoon had been cancelled.  It wouldn’t have been a particularly good use of my time anyway and I had loads to do, but I was expected to go.  So I was delighted to receive an email to say they’d had so many apologies they were cancelling it.  That gave me the whole day at home getting stuck into my mountain of work.

Progress on last week’s objectives

Sort out travel insurance for forthcoming holiday - Done
Go through wardrobe and check if I need any more clothes for holiday - Done
Catch up with backlog of reading – Not complete, but definite progress made

Objectives for this week
- Download books to Kindle for holiday
- Investigate venues and speakers for Mensa Brilliant
- Get ready for holiday (packing, cat food, Euros, etc)

Outing of the week
Went to see the Trocks (Ballet Trocadero de Monte Carlo) at Milton Keynes Theatre and loved them.  We’d seen them before and they lived up to our expectations from last time.  They’re a male ballet company who do sort of comedy ballet, but it’s quite subtly done, not slapstick, and most importantly, they can all dance.  So it’s more in the nature of an affectionate send-up of  the type of ballet that takes itself too seriously.  They dance mostly female roles, including en pointe, so it’s a mixture of wonderful humour and breathtaking dancing.  Highly recommended.

Least favourite moment of the week
Forgetting on Sunday morning that the clocks had gone forward and instead of having plenty of time to get to our breakfast meeting I had to rush.  Still made it on time though.

Most frustrating work activity this week
Receiving a snotty email from someone at HQ – not unexpected as that’s her style but unpleasant nevertheless.  I was tempted to respond in kind, but settled for a cryptic “thank you, your response was as I expected”.

Most unusual activity this week
Running.  No, really.  I haven’t run for years, but as I’m doing the Race for Life in June I thought I’d better do some training.  I’m only doing the 5k version and I was planning to walk it all, but then thought I might as well put my treadmill to good use and get some running in.

Sad moment of the week
Just a few minutes ago, when Facebook sent me this week’s birthday reminders and I noticed that our late friend Minty was amongst them.

What have I learned this week
I’ve been reminded that I quite enjoy running, though I’m a long way off any sort of fitness or endurance levels.  I’ve also learned that although I feel very disorientated without a clear plan, sometimes it does me good to go with the flow and see what emerges.  Preconceptions can get in the way of just keeping a completely open mind and allowing a plan to take shape.