Favourite meal of the week
Not so much the food itself (though it was good, just not truly memorable), but the company: Saturday night dinner with 50 or so friends.  The meal was followed by our very own “Loscar” ceremony hosted as expertly as ever by CT.

Favourite Mensa activity this week

“Unofficially” a Mensa activity – the Unoff Weekend, which was held here in Milton Keynes.  We’ve had the best of both worlds as we didn’t have to do any organising (except setting and marking the Treasure Hunt) and yet it was on our doorstep and we avoided hotel costs.  It was a brilliant weekend, and some of my best memories are just chilling out chatting to friends.

Favourite moment of the week
Getting nominated for a number of Loscars, including Double Entendre – I am a mere novice compared to Chris and he retained the award as expected, but I was pleased my efforts are being recognised :-)

Favourite TV programme of the week

An interesting programme about youngsters helping to care for the elderly, and what both age groups learned from the experience.  I’m sure it was selectively edited, but some prejudices were abandoned, some youngsters learned a bit of compassion, whilst others proved themselves remarkably mature for their age.  It was also good to see the "Roman" builders successfully completing their project at Wroxeter.

Progress on last week’s objectives

Sort out hem of jeans - Done
Investigate Surveymonkey for a MK/Bedford survey for Mensa Brilliant - Done
Make appointment for brow/lash tint
– Just haven’t got round to it, mainly because I didn’t seem to have a spare moment to fit in an appointment. 

Key objectives for the coming week

Sell profit-sharing from my previous employer.
Get election paperwork finalised and send to office
Identify and prepare possible syndicate topics for Portmeirion weekend.

Least favourite moment of the week

Probably saying goodbye to some of the people who attended the weekend, knowing I might not see them again for another two years until the next one.

Most frustrating work meeting of the week
A bit frustrating to have a 75 mile round trip for a 25 minute meeting with someone who I think is underestimating the amount of work involved.  He made it sound as though his staff would implement the system in a couple of weeks with minimal effort.

Most unusual activity this week
Raising a toast to our dear departed friend Minty in her own inimitable words.  “Thirsty?  F*ck off!”  There is a back story, but this is probably not the place! 

New experience of the week
I attended my first Red Hatters meeting, a book group held at another member’s house.  There were only three of us there, so I can’t say I was exposed to a representative sample of the membership, but they were pleasant and I think it will be an interesting group.  Unfortunately due to a busy diary I can’t make any of the larger group meetings for a few weeks but I am looking forward to meeting more members soon.

What have I learned this week
Not a new revelation, but I was reminded again this weekend that my very best memories are of time spent just chatting, reminiscing and laughing with friends.  And I learned that our cat’s infection has not returned; she’s just walking a bit stiffly because she’s arthritic and has muscle wastage in her hind legs.  I don’t know how I hadn’t noticed the muscle wastage but she seemed so agile until recently.  All of a sudden she’s looking rather elderly.