Best day this week
Saturday was a lovely leisurely day.  With T@3 to look forward to in the afternoon, we had neither an early start, nor a late night.  I pottered, caught up with chores and made a fish pie in the morning. We ambled down to Dobbie’s around 2.30 and were joined by eight other friends during the course of the afternoon.  After a couple of hours of interesting conversation and a little gift shopping, we headed home, and in the evening we caught the edition of QI that we’d missed on Friday night.  A classic relaxing Saturday.

Friday was good too, simply in that things came together at work – I had several appointments to fit in and they all dovetailed in nicely together.  The afternoon ended with a successful check of connectivity to our system in a conference room we’re using for a workshop on Monday.

Best decision of the week
To leave an email group that was adding no value to my life.  I joined it because I thought it might be informative but it was neither that, nor entertaining.  I haven’t actually unsubscribed, but I’ve gone nomail and haven’t looked at it on the website for several days.

Best work activity of the week
After a long weekend away last weekend, I came back to a huge backlog of emails which – aggravated by other distractions – took me a couple of days to clear properly.  After that I had an office day with no meetings and was able to catch up on a number of other outstanding tasks, which was very satisfying.

Least favourite moment of the week
The moment I opened a recorded delivery envelope to find a pension choices pack that requires my attention.  Do I stay in the current scheme or move to the new one?  Huge groan….I hate having to make financial decisions, and I don’t like the thought of getting old, so the two combined was not very cheering.

Closely followed by our cleaner giving me her notice.  She’s giving up cleaning to concentrate on more all-round home help work for her elderly clients.  We have a month to find someone else, so I’m searching Which?Local and Gumtree to make a shortlist.

What have I learned this week
Quite a lot about websites!  I’ve found a visitor counter and a guest book facility, and managed to install them successfully.  I also looked at moving the blog to a professional blogging site and just linking it from my website, but on balance decided to say put, though the blogging functionality here (courtesy of Yola) has less functionality.  Mainly it doesn’t permit comments and followers, which is partly why I added the guest book.  So if you do happen to have any comments, please leave them on the guest book page!

Favourite Mensa activity this week
T@3 at our local Dobbie’s Garden Centre restaurant on Saturday afternoon was as popular as ever, with ten people attending at various times.  Dobbie’s cakes are delicious, and the company was excellent.  They say time goes quickly when you’re enjoying yourself, but strangely it always seems like more than just a couple of hours by the time we tear ourselves away sometime after 5pm.  We finished with a quick tour of the garden centre itself, where I bought this year’s first Christmas presents and cards.

Most unusual activity this week
Well, unusual for me, anyway – we went to a poetry evening.  I’m not really a poetry fan – I don’t “get” most of it, but Chris saw this advertised and booked tickets for us.  I think the title Did I mention the free wine? had something to do with it.  And free wine there was, though I wasn’t drinking it.  It was a much better evening than I expected: the poet was Felix Dennis, a name I didn’t recognise but apparently he has a publishing empire and was one of the three original Oz defendants.  He’s now a millionaire entrepreneur, bon viveur, philanthropist…..and poet.  His poems were accessible, and enhanced by visual accompaniment, and he was a larger-than-life character who kept us entertained for a couple of hours.  His tour lasts until 21st October – well worth catching him if you can.

Favourite meal of the week
An extremely good Sunday lunch, courtesy of my aunt and uncle, to celebrate their diamond wedding.  The whole family went to a hotel near their home in Rugby, where I enjoyed leek & potato soup, an excellent piece of salmon in white wine and tarragon sauce, and a very good lemon tart.  I don’t see my cousins very often so it was nice to catch up with them and their families again too.

Favourite TV programme of the week
Not much to choose from at the moment, but QI again.  Curiously – spookily, even – the repartee between the unlikely combination of Sue Perkins and Gyles Brandreth was hilarious.

Key objectives for the coming week
I’ve decided – and I hope I won’t live to regret it! – to commit myself to a handful of objectives each week, and then report back next week on whether or not I achieved them.  It’s an incentive to get things done rather than have to admit failure!  This week’s are:
  • Clear out my makeup drawer and put a load of unused stuff on Freecycle
  • Book IMAG hotel
  • Get into Bedford town centre to take a couple of photos for an article I’ve written for Empress, our regional newsletter
  • Arrange appointments with 3-4 possible new cleaners