Best day this week
Saturday – a lazy day although we did get a few chores done.  In the afternoon I went along to a Red Hat tea party which I enjoyed, and came home to an almost unrecognisable Chris.  He had warned me about the haircut, but it was still startling initially.  I’m getting used to it……

Best decision of the week
Last minute decision to have a brow tint and pedicure before our holidays.  The beautician fitted me in at short notice so that was a very nice relaxing end to Friday afternoon.

Best work news of the week
I heard that they had appointed a replacement for me in my East of England patch, who knows the area and will hopefully be starting in mid-July.  So then I get to concentrate full-time on London….hurrah.

Best work meeting of the week
We had a team meeting on Tuesday, which was as enjoyable as usual.  I finally gave back my work laptop, which I haven’t used for a year since getting my netbook and work webmail.  It was just cluttering up the work desk in my office and I was glad to be rid of it. 

Also had a good meeting with one of my PCTs – they asked to see me and I didn’t have very high expectations as I’ve had the same meeting with them about five times over the past couple of years and they never do anything.  This time, however, a more senior person was present and realised what an opportunity they were missing.  Since then she has emailed me almost daily with questions, so they are clearly more serious about making progress this time.

Favourite meal of the week
A trip to our favourite Mediterranean buffet restaurant on Sunday evening.  They make a sort of Turkish/Greek ratatouille called Imam Bayaldi (which apparently translates as “the Imam fainted” – presumably with delight) which is absolutely delicious.

Favourite Mensa activity this week
We went to Carluccio’s for Sunday breakfast, which is always a pleasant meeting.  This time we were only joined by one other person, as a number of people are away, so it was a small and select group, but still enjoyable.

Favourite TV programme of the week
I enjoyed Three men go to Venice – not only because I like the camaraderie and banter between the three of them, but also because they visited Dubrovnik and some of the other ports of call on our forthcoming cruise.  I feel like my appetite has been well and truly whetted.

Mad purchase of the week
Not mad really, but I did treat myself to a new camera for our holidays.  The old one was never the same after it got damp a few years ago, and the new one is so much tinier and lighter.

Sad moment of the week
Not sad exactly, but poignant in its way.  We received a condolence card from the vet, signed by all the staff.  I know it’s a customer retention thing but I still thought it was a nice gesture.  I think the other cat has finally realised something is different – she is a bit clingy and even more vocal than usual.  We are giving her lots of attention and cutting her a bit of slack for her sometimes challenging behaviour.

What have I learned this week
A lot more about how the operating system on my phone works.  To my shame, I should have explored long before now but I’ve finally worked out that I have not very much storage on the device itself, but lots more on the card.  So the challenge was to move programs and data around and still get them to work.  I partially succeeded.  I also understand now why I have to copy photos to a different folder before they will synch to my PC – it’s because they are saved to the card, but the synching process only copies information from the device.  Simples!