Best day this week
Christmas Eve, I think.  I’d finished all the last minute shopping, present delivering and so on the day before, and I didn’t have to go out anywhere.  I did some work, though I admit I perhaps wasn’t as diligent as I might have been.  Around mid-morning I got a phone call to say there was going to be a conference call with our Programme Director at lunchtime, and it turned out to be good news – our contracts have been extended for three months to the end of June.  It’s only three months, but it’s to mitigate the fact that the annual budget request decision won’t be received until the end of March, so if it’s approved we might all have found other jobs anyway.  This way, they can wait until 1st April to give us notice is the budget request is turned down.  So at least it means I won’t have to start job hunting in January – though I might well have to do it in April.  It was a nice end to work activities, and a nice start to Christmas.

Best decision of the week
The decision to give us three months’ funding, of course!  Again, not my decision but someone else’s.

Best work activity of the week
Not just one activity, but with no meetings this week, and lower email traffic (I think a lot of people were off all week), I really got stuck in to some tasks that had been on the back burner for some time.  It’s amazing how much you can get through with fewer interruptions.  One of the best pieces of news was discovering that one of my small PCTs has quietly implemented our system without me even knowing about it, so in my reports they have got from “no plans” to “implemented” overnight. 

Favourite meal of the week
Had a good meal at our local Indian restaurant on Thursday night.  It’s not haute cuisine and the service is quite grumpy, but it was pretty good standard Indian fare and as it was banquet night it was exceptionally good value.  Plus there was enough to take home for lunch the next day.

Favourite Mensa activity this week

Don’t know about “favourite”, but I was interviewed for a local radio piece on a forthcoming testing session – see below.

Favourite moment of the week

Opening my Christmas presents and discovering my silly slippers, a DVD of the first series of Miranda, several interesting books (I love getting books as presents) and a quirky cat ornament. 

Favourite TV programme of the week

Well, predictably I thought Miranda was great.  It was very silly but it had a feelgood ending and I loved it.  Oz Clarke and Hugh Dennis’s programmes have been enjoyable, as has Top Gear.  And it was interesting to see the new series of Upstairs, Downstairs.  It was better than I thought it might be.

Progress on last week’s objectives
Evaluation questionnaire – this is a work in progress.  I have drafted it but I think it will continue to evolve with use.

Key objectives for the coming week

I’m going to indulge myself with another week off!

Least favourite moment of the week

None, it’s been a good week.

Mad purchase of the week
Not mine, but I was the recipient.  I’d asked Chris for a pair of animal paw slippers for Christmas, and that was (part of) what he got me.  They’re totally silly but I love them.

Most unusual activity this week
Being interviewed for local radio.  There is a Mensa testing session locally on 22nd January and our Comms Manager had arranged for it to be plugged in the local media.  Actually it was quite straightforward – someone just rang me and asked a few questions about the format of the testing session, how many Mensans there are locally, and what are the benefits of membership.  The only thing I struggled with was trying to describe IQ questions without saying they were…well… IQ questions.  I said something about being like 11+ questions, which is probably irrelevant to everyone under about 50!  I should have said they were about pattern recognition, odd ones out, next in series, and so on.  The benefits of hindsight!

Sobering moment of the week
Realising that it’s 40 years since the first series of Upstairs, Downstairs was made.

What have I learned this week
Well, I’ve learned that I have another three months before I have to start jobhunting – that was good news.  I’ve also gone through my blogs this year to date, and discovered that my worst moments regularly involve being stuck in traffic (or general transport delays), my favourite days are those when I achieve a lot (usually personal things, so often weekends rather than weekdays), I love red lipstick, I’ve learned a lot about websites and webex, and I love walking in London.