Best decision of the week
Not mine, but someone else’s: to renew a colleague’s contract in one of the regional patches that I cover, to avoid me having to take on all 40-odd trusts on my own in addition to the 32 I already have in London.  She re-starts on 1st November, hurrah!

Best work activity of the week
It was an incredibly busy week work-wise, so every day was satisfying to get through.  The week finished very successfully with a presentation to a new group about the benefits of our system and the financial savings that could be made, and it was very well received by the audience.

Favourite meal of the week

Nothing gourmet, but I did chicken in a Tesco sauce that I particularly like – it’s a Moroccan style one with sundried tomatoes and cinnamon.  It’s a bit different from the usual tomato/curry/wine sauces.  I also enjoyed the curried parsnip soup I made on Saturday lunchtime – a light lunch in anticipation of cakes at Willington Garden Centre in the afternoon, which were extremely good too!

Favourite Mensa activity this week
Just the one, an experimental T@3 in a different location.  We had delicious coffee and cakes in the pleasant company of Jack, it was just a bit of a shame we didn’t get a better turnout.  Still we’ll see how the next roving T@3 goes.  At least December is back in familiar territory at Dobbie’s, where we usually attract a goodly bunch of friends.

Favourite moment of the week

I had two meetings in London on Wednesday, morning and afternoon, with about 2½ hours between them.  The first was at Great Ormond Street, the second down near Aldgate.  Since I had the time and it was a nice day, I walked – it was about 2½ miles and took me just over an hour, but it was interesting finding my way through the city.  I’d intended to stop for lunch about halfway, but I decided to keep going and aim for a Wetherspoon’s near the afternoon meeting venue.  I must admit I was quite glad to arrive, sit down, rest my feet, and savour a large glass of iced water!

Favourite TV programme of the week
A toss up between QI and Have I Got News For You this week.  There really isn’t a great deal else on at the moment apart from University Challenge and Mastermind.

Progress on last week’s objectives
Find a savings account for remainder of endowment policy - Done
Full first draft of the next issue of my SIG newsletter, Intermezzo - Done
Write a contribution for the newsletter of a SIG that I belong to - Done
Order a data projector (it’s a long story, but I’ve decided to buy one) – Discovered I need to speak to the supplier first, in office hours, so that’s a task for Monday morning!

Key objectives for the coming week

Finalise arrangements for local Mensa open meeting in Bedford in January
Buy hat/mask/at least a token nod towards fancy dress for a Halloween party next weekend
Submit some nominations for Mensa Awards 2010
Finish and send Intermezzo

Least favourite moment of the week
It’s hard to find one this week.  It was incredibly busy, but nonetheless a really enjoyable week.

‘Phew’ moment of the week
Got the car through its MOT on Tuesday, plus got a worrying noise fixed at the same time.  Bearings, apparently.  And fortunately not cripplingly expensive. With a shiny new MOT certificate I was also able to tax the car for another year. I was also very proud of myself for walking back from the garage after dropping the car off in the morning, and walking to the garage to pick the car up again in the evening.  It’s about a mile and a half each way – perhaps not a huge amount to some people, but more walking than I usually do in a day!

What have I learned this week
Sometimes you have to keep it simple.  I did a presentation on Friday morning to a group that gets a regular monthly update from a colleague.  They were fairly quiet and didn’t ask any questions, which I put down to me being last on the agenda and them wanting to get out for lunch!  In the afternoon I did a slightly different presentation to a group that included a few of the same people.  Because the group Chair wasn’t afraid to ask some fairly basic questions, other people also opened up, and it became clear that the morning people probably hadn’t grasped much of what I’d covered earlier, or what my colleague had covered in previous months.  We had a good discussion in the afternoon and suddenly they were all enthusiastic about our system, the benefits, and the financial savings that could be made by using it.  Yet again a reminder not to make assumptions about how much people already understand.