Best day this week
Wednesday – it was my birthday.  I worked in the morning but bunked off about 2pm and went into the city centre to do a bit of shopping.  Chris gave me some vouchers for a new fish pedicure place in MK so I decided to build that into my plans for the afternoon too.  I also treated myself to a frappuccino and chocolate cake at Starbucks as a break from shopping.  Then in the evening Chris took me out for a lovely Thai meal.  It was a very pleasant and relaxing day.

Best decision of the week
Someone recommended trying 5 Rhythms dancing, which is meant to be quite spiritual and very liberating.  I was quite sceptical, then rather intimidated that it sounded a bit whacky, but I discovered there was a class in Milton Keynes and plucked up my courage and went along.  I really enjoyed it, and was glad I’d made the effort to go.

Best work activity of the week
Not strictly work, but my boss is leaving next week so we had a night out to wish him farewell.  I’d arranged to stay over so I could have a few drinks, but in the event I only felt like one or two, and it was entertaining watching my boss and a number of other people getting very drunk indeed, and knowing they would feel awful in the morning.  The music was loud, I got hoarse from shouting, and was a bit fed up at one point and wanted to go, but somehow those of us sharing a cab to the same hotel were never ready at the same time, and eventually it got to midnight, the music stopped, and I realised I’d actually had a very enjoyable evening.

Favourite meal of the week
That would be the Thai meal I had on my birthday.  We went for one of their set meals for two and ended up stuffed but having enjoyed it thoroughly.

Favourite moment of the week
When the music stopped in the pub at my boss’s leaving do, and we were able to chat without shouting.  Champagne was produced, there were many anecdotes, and much bad behaviour from those who’d had too much to drink.  I haven’t laughed so much for ages.

Ooh! moment of the week
I finally got round to catching up with my pal Carolyn’s podcasts of her new book, and got a mention at one point.  She had told me back when she was writing it but it gave me a real frisson to hear the episode being read out.  The link to Carolyn’s podcasts and blog is at - well work a look and listen.

Progress on last week’s objectives
Start tidying the utility room – it’s underway, with some stuff thrown out, some ready to take to the tip, and some advertised on Freecycle.
Arrange visits from 2-3 bathroom fitters – not yet, but we did visit some bathroom showrooms and having thought we would stick more or less to the same layout, have realised that we can actually be quite creative and end up with something much better
Sort out outfit for old school Speech Day – pretty much complete, just want to see if I can find a top to match, though if not I do have a reserve.

Key objectives for the coming week
- Catch up with backlog of magazines
- Book theatre tickets
- Research ports of call for July cruise

Most frustrating work meeting of the week
Not really frustrating, but a bit of a wasted day on Tuesday when I went to help out at a conference in Newmarket that I didn’t think was really necessary.  Still, I think it was appreciated that I showed up and I was able to answer some queries while I was there.

Most unusual activity this week
I went to a fashion show.  It was organised by a Red Hat lady as a charity event, and although it was a bit amateurish, it was quite fun.  As well as the catwalk show there was also belly dancing and stalls selling jewellery, bags, scarves, beauty products, and “Asian fusion” clothes.  Not the sort of event I’d usually attend but it was surprisingly enjoyable.

Sad moment of the week
I’m sorry my boss is going, though I will see him again next week before he goes.  He’s been very motivating to work for, he is endlessly resourceful in dealing with obstacles, and his enthusiasm is infectious.  He’s like a mixture between a big puppy and Tigger.   I told him how much I’d enjoyed working for him and why, and I think he was quite touched.

Sight of the week
Our cat with a big ring shaved out of her tail.  She’d been under the weather again and having first thought it was her back leg, we then noticed her tail was very limp and wondered if it was broken.  Another trip to the vet’s, and he said he’d have to shave the tail to examine it properly.  He couldn’t find any damage, but did discover that the old wound on her haunch had become reinfected and she had cellulitis.  So she’s had a course of antibiotics and is much better again, but she does look a bit like a failed poodle.

What have I learned this week
I’ve learned that cats can get cellulitis too – no reason why not, I suppose, but it hadn’t occurred to me.  Having had it myself several times I can understand why our poor old cat felt poorly.

I’ve also learned that I’m less inhibited than I thought I was.  The 5 Rhythms dancing could have been quite scary but I got quite into it and ended up pitching myself round with complete abandon like the best of them.  I’m looking forward to the next one.