Best day this week
Wednesday was a nice day – mainly because I took a day’s annual leave.  I didn’t have any particular plans but it was Chris’s day off too so I had company around the house and I managed to get a few chores done (some of this week’s objectives!). Just a nice lazy day, though a productive one too.

Best work activity of the week

Enjoyed a small conference on Tuesday.  Great fun getting the display stand up, almost single-handedly, met lots of people and told them about our system, but also, in between coffee and lunch breaks, got lots of work done while the delegates were in their conference sessions.

Favourite meal of the week
The cakes at Wilstead Garden Centre were excellent.  I had a piece of peanut butter flapjack, which I’d never come across before but it was absolutely delicious. 

Favourite Mensa activity this week
We had a T@3 event at Wilstead, just south of Bedford, on Saturday.  Although this is a well-attended meeting when we hold it in Milton Keynes, Bedford does not attract the same interest so we were fully expecting to be on our own for an hour or so, and then head for home.  However, we actually ended up with eleven people, including two small children, so I think we can consider that a qualified success.  I say “qualified” because they were all from MK again, and it would have been easier for everyone if the venue had been our regular local haunt.  But I quibble – we all enjoyed it, and the cakes were lovely!

Favourite moment of the week
I had a reflexology appointment on Friday evening.  It was sheer bliss to finish work for the week and take myself off for an hour’s pampering.  I’m not sure if reflexology actually does anything but I love having my feet massaged so it’s worth it just for that.  I nearly fell asleep, and went home feeling thoroughly relaxed.

Favourite TV programme of the week

I’m so glad Miranda’s back; I think she’s hilarious.  This week’s opening episode was a corker.  I can understand people who don’t like it – I think you have to be on her wavelength or it would just be irritating.  I just think she’s one of the funniest women ever.

Progress on last week’s objectives
Tidy out at least part of the filing cabinet in the office - Done
Write up Don Giovanni for the next issue of Intermezzo - Done
Finalise the magazine article ready for submission - Done
Finalise programme for the January open meeting - Done

Key objectives for the coming week
Convert at least two more old videos to DVD.
Continue tidying out office filing cabinet
Research Glasgow.  We’re doing a heritage rail trip in a couple of weeks and we’ll have a few hours in the city.  I need to investigate what there is to see and do, and prioritise how best to spend the time there.
Investigate if there are any firmware updates available for my mobile.  I’ve never checked since I’ve had it (about 2 years) but Chris regularly seems to download updates for his so I have a feeling I’m missing out!

Most frustrating work meeting of the week

Phone call, actually.  One of my trusts is having problems accessing our system but just won’t work through the setup checklist and diagnostic tips I’ve sent them – they want someone to come and fix it for them.  We just don’t have the resources to do that until they establish that they’ve done all the initial prep work and checked the most obvious things – then we might send someone to help them.  The worst thing afterwards was that I felt I could have handled it more professionally – I started to lose my cool, which isn’t like me at all.  So I beat myself up about it all day.  Fortunately the following day someone else from the trust called me saying she understood my point of view and she would ensure they did what I suggested first.  Hurrah!

Most unusual activity this week

Possibly trying to put up a display stand at a conference on Tuesday.  It’s really a two person job but as my colleague hadn’t arrived I resolved to do it on my own.  I actually did the difficult bit, getting the framework up (then taking it down because I’d put it up sideways and it was too big to rotate, then putting it up again) but I struggled with hanging the display strips on the front.  Every time I got one fixed, another one fell off.  Eventually I was persuaded to let two chaps on an adjoining stand help, and we got it done – sort of.  But it must have looked like something out of Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em for about half an hour.

Sad moment of the week

Hearing that a family friend from the village where I grew up had died suddenly.  She was in her eighties, but she seemed in good health and my mother saw her fairly regularly.  She died very suddenly in her sleep.  A nice way for her to go, but hard for her family and friends to take in.

Sight of the week

Men dressed as pizza boxes at one of the roundabouts on the edge of Milton Keynes.  They must have been advertising some Domino’s promotion or other but I’m surprised they didn’t cause an accident with drivers passing them and doing double takes.  Very bizarre.

What have I learned this week

I’ve learned that we now have a Caribbean restaurant in MK.  Must give that a try – in the interests of research for meeting venues, of course!

Also, more seriously, that when you’re trying to promote or influence, as we are with our elearning platform, that patience, persistence and resourcefulness pay off.  I’ve been continually emailing my trusts over the past six months, on average once a week or so, with news, updates, questions, requests for information, etc.  Some of them never respond – and then, out of the blue, something will catch their attention when the moment is right and they get in touch and I can arrange to meet them.  I’ve never had it brought home to me so forcefully as I have on this project – and it’s mainly thanks to my boss, who is persistent and resourceful himself and pushes us hard to get trusts engaged.  I would probably have given up with some of them by now if it wasn’t for him.