Best day this week
Friday, I think.  I had a mortgage appointment in the afternoon, and booked half a day’s leave so I could bunk off with a clear conscience.  So afterwards I didn’t hurry home, but enjoyed an iced coffee in Costa followed by some leisurely shopping. 

Best decision of the week
I test drove a new Mercedes in Milton Keynes on Saturday but knowing I was after a secondhand one, the dealer searched his network and found a possibility for me.  I was rather unsure about buying a specific vehicle that I’d never seen or driven before.  When we got home, we searched the dealer network ourselves and found out the one he’d found for me was in Bath – but there was another similar one in Northampton.  So I sidestepped the MK dealer, made an appointment to test drive the one in Northampton on Sunday, and subsequently bought it.  Glad we decided to follow up ourselves on Saturday afternoon.

Best work meeting of the week
We had a team meeting on Tuesday and, as ever, it was good to catch up with colleagues.

Favourite meal of the week
On Thursday we visited an old favourite, the Sizzling Wok in Bedford.  It’s a Mongolian barbeque where you select your own (raw) food, spices etc, and the chefs stir fry it for you.  We always enjoy it, and the company was entertaining.

Favourite Mensa activity this week
Both the Sizzling Wok on Thursday and Carluccio’s for Sunday breakfast were enjoyable.  The service at Carluccio’s seems to be slipping a bit though, and several of us had to send our breakfast back to be reheated, so I think we may be doing the right thing returning to Brown’s from October onwards.

Favourite moment of the week
A short-lived favourite I’m afraid.  I was delighted to receive a text from a colleague on Wednesday morning telling me she thought a meeting had been cancelled.  As it was in south west London I thought I would be able to recoup several hours to put to good use.  Sadly, on checking with the organiser the meeting was still on after all so my euphoria was brief.

Favourite TV programme of the week
The Hour again – it’s building up to an interesting conclusion next week - plus J K Rowling on Who do you think you are?  She’s generally fairly publicity-shy so it was interesting to learn more about her.

Mad purchase of the week
A new car – but I plead necessity rather than madness.  The old one is starting to cost money and, with the MOT coming up in a couple of months, it seemed sensible to think about replacing it.  I’ve looked at and test driven several different models over the past couple of weeks, and finally settled today on a two year old Mercedes A Class.

Most unusual activity this week
I sent my first Tweet.  I’m not sure whether I’ll stick with Twitter – haven’t got hooked in yet, but that’s what I thought about Facebook at first so who knows?

What have I learned this week
I finally got round to something I’d been meaning to do for a while – googling all my Task Manager processes to see whether or not they were necessary and whether I could disable some of them to save processing power.  So I learned what most of them do, and which I could disable at start up.  Hopefully my system will be less bloated now.

I also learned that Google Documents can be used to convert files to readable formats.  I received an Open Office file and couldn’t open it in Word, but rather than download a converter (or Open Office itself), I discovered that you can upload the file to Google Docs, open it, and then save/download in your desired format.