Best work activity of the week
I finally made some time to do some planning for next year.  It’s difficult just keeping up with email at the moment but we have to present next year’s plans in about three weeks, and I’ll be having a week away before then, so just two weeks to do the work.  I had a vague idea what to include but hadn’t committed anything to paper.  I still have a lot to do but I feel better for having made a start.

Best work meeting of the week
Meeting with a trust I thought wasn’t making much progress, and discovering that they’re actually doing quite well and have allocated a project manager and some resources to getting the system implemented.

Favourite Mensa activity this week
T@3 at Dobbie’s on Saturday.  It’s one of my favourite local Mensa events and although we were quite a select group this time it was still very enjoyable.

Favourite moment of the week

Booking our holiday to Gran Canaria at the beginning of April.  I’ve never been particularly interested in the Canary Islands, but we wanted somewhere warm, cheap and available, and it fitted the bill.  And because we went for a late deal, we haven’t got long to wait before we go.

Favourite TV programme of the week

I know it’s cheesy, but I enjoyed Comic Relief.  There were some excellent sketches – the Downton Abbey spoof, the Comic Relief planning meeting with Smithy, Masterchef, The Chefs’ Choir, Miranda. 

Progress on last week’s objectives

Make notes on reading group book for next week’s meeting – Not done yet, but realised the meeting isn’t until the 29th so will do it this week
Prepare for first old students’ association board teleconference - Done
Prepare for next presentation skills coaching candidate - Done

Key objectives for the coming week
- Sort out travel insurance for forthcoming holiday
- Go through wardrobe and check if I need any more clothes for holiday (shopping opportunity!!)
- Catch up with backlog of reading – mainly magazine such as the Mensa mag, Which?, the National Trust and English Heritage mags, etc.  There’s no particular pressure to finish them except that I refuse to put them away until I’ve finished reading them, and I hate clutter – so I have a strong incentive to get them finished.  Then I can start reading things on my Kindle!

What have I learned this week
I’ve learned that my shares in my previous employer have gone up, and have decided to sell them.  So I’ve also learned how to sell shares – with some help and advice from former colleagues.

I also learned, to my surprise, that I like a very smoky, rich whisky: Lagavulin.  I’m not a great whisky drinker – don’t particularly like spirits although whisky would be my spirit of choice, and I’ve always preferred Irish to Scotch.  But I had a taste of Lagavulin (couldn’t have any more as I was driving) and really liked it.  Very distinctive and very smoky, a proper taste rather than just miscellaneous alcohol.