Best work activity of the week
On Wednesday I attended the NHS eLearning conference in London.  I was co-presenting with someone from one of our trusts - she had suggested doing it as an interview rather than just Powerpoint slides, so I had to interview her.  It went well and we got lots of good feedback about using a different format, as well as about the content she covered.  During the breaks we were manning a stand for our system, and I met lots of friends and colleagues, some of whom I hadn’t seen for several years.  Some of the other presentations were also very interesting.  Altogether an enjoyable and very beneficial day

Favourite meal of the week
It’s hard to beat pizza and coffee ice-cream at our favourite Italian restaurant, but the Sunday buffet at a Chinese restaurant we haven’t been to for ages was very good too.  It’s a lovely restaurant beside a lake, and we used to go there quite often, but because it’s good it’s usually very busy, and they got a bit complacent about their service.  But their food is as good as ever.

Favourite Mensa activity this week
We had our East Midlands regional committee meeting and party on Saturday.  It was held near Leicester, so about an hour away.  I had to be there mid-afternoon for the meeting, which went well, then just had time to join in the mask-making before dinner.  The dinner had a Mardi Gras theme, and was followed by Latin dance tuition.  The meal was so bad it was quite entertaining, and each table ended up with a complimentary bottle of wine by way of compensation (actually it was just the main course – the starter and dessert were ok).  I’m ashamed to say I didn’t participate in the dancing, but later on I had to present an award to our regional officer (and pal), which took her by surprise.  I had hoped to get away not too late but we ended up staying to the end (1am) so it was about 2.30 when I got to bed.  Still, it was a very enjoyable evening, and good to meet some new people too.

Favourite moment of the week
Finishing my last meeting on Friday – a presentation that went quite well – and heading home.  I had work to do when I got home, but I always like it when the last meeting of the week is over and I can see the weekend approaching.

Progress on last week’s objectives
Write Linguasignal article on Spanish class - Done
Tidy out filing drawers – Done, though ongoing.
Make appointments for cats’ annual check-ups and boosters - Done

Key objectives for the coming week
  • I need to take up the hems of a pair of jeans which have frayed at the bottom.  I tend to put off sewing jobs, even though it's actually one of the few domestic tasks I'm good at. So that's definitely one of this week's objectives.
  • Investigate Surveymonkey for a local Mensa survey about meeting and event options
  • Make appointment for brow/lash tint, and possibly a pedicure as well if there’s time.

Mad purchase of the week
I’ve bought an Amazon Kindle – it hasn’t arrived yet but I am looking forward to receiving it.  I was persuaded by Facebook friends, but I posted the question on my Facebook status knowing that I wanted to be persuaded really!  I will try to add "Book of the week" to the blog, provided I have time to get through them quickly enough.

Most frustrating work meeting of the week
When the conference finished on Wednesday I had to pack up our display stand and leave it for a courier to pick up and return to our office.  There was all sorts of confusion shortly afterwards when the courier arrived but the package had been moved elsewhere. I think I took about five phone calls on the train home, and for a while it looked as though it was lost and I’d have to sort it out in the morning.  Full marks to the courier though, he stayed on-site until he tracked it down, and delivered it safely back.

Most unusual activity this week
Now that I have access to our system, I’m able to deal with user queries about specific courses by enrolling and playing them myself.  For the sake of tidiness, when I have time I am trying to go back and complete the course.  So I have now completed introductory training on the Mental Capacity Act 2005, and Volumetric Pumps.  Well, who knows when they might come in useful?

Sad moment of the week
One of the presenters at the eLearning conference talked about how eLearning can influence skills and attitudes as well as knowledge, and as an example showed a video clip of a GP and medical professor who had himself been at the receiving end of poor communication skills and misdiagnosis.  He was angry and upset about the lack of professional and moral courage of some of his colleagues.  By that time he was terminally ill with mesothelioma, and died shortly afterwards.  The whole audience was moved and the point was powerfully made.

Website of the week
Someone sent me a link to four videos of a Tower of London yeoman doing a guided tour.  It doesn’t sound like entertaining stuff, but it’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen for ages, as well as being interesting and informative.  The chap is a natural comedian and should have his own TV series.  It’s well worth a look.

What have I learned this week
I learned that I’ve been appointed to the Board of my school’s old students’ association.  I’ve had an ambivalent relationship with my school in the thirty-five or so years since I left, but I have reconciled myself to it over the past two or three years and am now trying to give something back.  It’s one of the few truly charitable public schools and I owe my education to the generosity of others. So it’s nice that the other Board members thought there was something I could usefully do and invited me to join them.