Favourite moment of the week
Not one individual moment, but it was so reassuring and reaffirming to have a number of people tell me over the weekend, including people I don’t know that well, that they were not only sorry but also surprised that I didn’t get elected to the Mensa Board. It’s nice to know people feel that way.

Least favourite moment of the week
Walking into a really disappointing executive double room in our hotel in Chester.  It was pokey, with a single wardrobe that was difficult to get at, and only one armchair.  We asked to be moved and ended up with a much larger, proper executive standard room. Much more like the standard we were expecting.

What have I learned this week
So much…but I suppose I’ve been reminded again that if you project confidence, people think you are confident.  And that in turn bolsters your confidence.  

Favourite Mensa activity this week
Has to be the AG.  Despite some deficiencies on the Icebreaker front, and a hotel layout that doesn’t lend itself to communal gathering, it’s been great to meet up with old friends and make new ones.  So much to write about the whole AG weekend I’m giving it a separate page (when I have a moment!) rather than allowing it to take over the blog.

Locally we also had a visit to a lovely Italian restaurant in Olney, hosted by another local member (which was a nice change), and a delicious buffet meal at a local Persian restaurant.

Best day this week
Friday, I think.  Just nice not to be at work: had a leisurely train ride up to Chester, followed by a spot of shopping with a number of interesting free gifts, a very nice lunch at Carluccio’s, wander back to the hotel, then gradually catching up with some new arrivals before the Icebreaker-That-Wasn’t.

Best work activity of the week
Not sure about “best”, but shortest distance I’ve ever travelled to a meeting. I had to meet with NHS Direct at their MK offices less than two miles away.  They’d asked for an 8.30 start, so I had a good meeting and was still home not long after 10am and did a full day’s work.

Mad purchase of the week
Well…..in my defence, your honour, it all started with a free gift!  I’d spotted a voucher for a free eye cream, which was only redeemable in certain stores.  This took me into Browns of Chester, where I was forced (no, really!) to walk through the cosmetic and perfume department.  Realising that I’d forgotten to pack any perfume, I shelled out silly money for a nostalgic bottle of perfume that I used to use years ago.  Still, it was worth every penny.

Sight of the week
Had to go to Norwich on Thursday afternoon, and spotted wild deer in a field alongside the A11 near Thetford.  They were still there on my way home.  It was an open field but it’s a very forested area so I suppose they normally live in the woods.  They were some distance away but it was lovely to see them.

Favourite meal of the week
Lunch in Carluccio’s on Friday.  I would have walked past it as I always thought it was expensive, but Chris spotted a “fisso” menu which was very good value, so I enjoyed pasta puttanesca and coffee ice cream with a nice glass of house white. 

Favourite TV programme of the week
Lovely to see QI back again, with the wonderful Stephen Fry.