Best day this week
Both Saturday and Sunday were enjoyable days.  Saturday was lazy except for afternoon tea at Dobbie’s garden centre with some pals.  On Sunday my brother and sister-in-law in Lincoln had organised an impromptu barbecue so we picked my mother up and drove up there for the afternoon.  It was lovely to see them again, and for an impromptu event they had put in a lot of culinary effort!

Best decision of the week
A decision taken with a heavy heart and a lot of sadness, but “best” in that it was absolutely the right decision: we had one of our cats put to sleep on Wednesday.  She had been getting more and more frail, and in the previous couple of days had stopped eating and could barely walk.  All the investigations and treatments the vet could offer would have been invasive and traumatic for her, so it was the kind thing to do.  But we do miss her.

Best work meeting of the week
A meeting with a trust that was arranged at fairly short notice.  I wasn’t invited to attend, but gatecrashed because I thought I should be there, though I wasn’t looking forward to it.  However, it turned out to be very productive and we look like we have resolved the issues this trust was having in accessing our system.  I hope I’m not tempting fate!

Favourite meal of the week
I cooked some chicken with an aubergine pesto crust on Saturday (I can’t claim credit for the aubergine pesto – that came from a local farm shop), and we had it with home-made ratatouille (which I did cook) and steamed cauliflower.  I can very rarely say this about my cooking, but actually I think it was rather good.

Favourite Mensa activity this week
We met at our local garden centre for afternoon tea on Saturday and, as always, it was very enjoyable.  Some of our regulars were missing, but on the other hand we had people we haven’t seen for ages so it was lovely to catch up with them.

Favourite moment of the week
Friday afternoon, not just because it was Friday, but because I got a big piece of work done that had been on my To Do list for some time.

Favourite TV programme of the week

Not one, but a series: we’ve been avidly following Cardiff Singer of the World this week.  There has been some remarkable talent, and the finalists excelled themselves in Sunday’s final.  I think the winner was the correct decision, though one could have argued for three or four out of the five of them.

Progress on last week’s objectives
Oh dear.  What with preoccupation with a sick cat, and being unexpectedly busy on Sunday when I had planned to catch up with things, I’m afraid I have failed again.  I have decided not to set weekly objectives in future, as I’ve learned that, one way or another, I do get things done when the mood takes me. 

Least favourite moment of the week
Having to make the decision to have one of our cats put to sleep.  Though I must admit I also felt a sense of relief, as she had been getting more and more frail and it was looking more like “when” than “if”.

Sad moment of the week

Saying goodbye to our much loved grey cat.

What have I learned this week
Fairly trivial, but falling into the “well, I never knew that!” category: someone pointed out to me this week that the painter Degas has no acute accent over the “e”, and the usual British pronunciation is incorrect.  His birth name was actually De Gas, and the “e” is a neutral sound (schwa, for phoneticists).

I also learned with some trepidation that there is likely to be a strike the day before we set off on holiday, so I am fervently hoping that the knock on effects are not going to jeopardise our flights.