Best day this week
Both Saturday and Sunday were good – leisurely and relaxing but still got quite a lot done – mainly chores around the house and getting started on the next issue of my SIG newsletter.  Plus we walked round to our local pub for lunch on Saturday and I had more wine than I've been used to recently but it was very enjoyable!

Best work activity of the week
A good meeting in London on Thursday.  I didn’t need to be there but had asked if I could attend, and found it very useful.  I met/re-met a number of useful contacts.  Plus I’ve caught back up with emails after my holiday – next task is to collate all the information to hand over to the person who’s taking over one of my patches next week.

Best work meeting of the week
The one that didn’t happen!  I was supposed to be in Cambridge on Friday lunchtime to do a brief presentation, but got a call to say only a couple of people had turned up so they had abandoned the meeting.  It saved me about three hours in my working day, which I put to good use by going to see my brother instead.

Favourite meal of the week
I think a great pizza and coffee ice-cream at our favourite local Italian restaurant.  Nothing special but very enjoyable.

Favourite Mensa activity this week
Very pleasant Sunday breakfast at Carluccio’s with all the usual suspects.  Some of us were just back from holidays so swapped favourite destinations and holiday experiences (hope the others weren’t too bored!).  Afterwards we had a quick look at a food market outside in Queens Court and treated ourselves to a few goodies.

Favourite TV programme of the week
Top Gear was pretty good – it gets a bit samey sometimes with the three of them being overgrown schoolkids, but the car/train feature was quite funny.

Most unusual activity this week
Not hugely unusual but I am giving Google+ a try.  First impressions are it looks quite good but it will need a critical mass to defect from Facebook and I’m not sure if it’s sufficiently different.  However I will stick with it for a while longer.

Sad moment of the week

Seeing my sister-in-law’s obituary in the Sunday paper.

What have I learned this week

I’ve learned more about non-conformist registers, which I need to consult at Derbyshire Records Office in order to check out someone who might be my great-great-grandfather.  I was hoping to get up there soon but I think it might be cheaper and easier to get someone at the Records Office to check the relevant registers for me.