Best day this week
Friday was the best day.  Chris had the day off and I was working at home, though I had plenty to do.  The weather was quite nice, and our local pub had just reopened after a complete (much needed) renovation and refit, so we went out for lunch.  I got a lot of useful work done, and then in the evening we went to see Die Fledermaus at MK Theatre, which was great fun.

Best work activity of the week
Our regional planning day on Wednesday – although it was a long day it was interesting to hear everyone’s plans, and also to get some feedback on my own.  I had two to do, and they took a lot of preparation, but it’s been a useful exercise.  I’m just keen to get stuck into the plan for London, which is quite ambitious but depends a lot on recruiting a replacement for me in my other region, as I can’t do both.

Favourite meal of the week
I had a lovely Thai meal in Leamington with work colleagues on Tuesday evening.  Although I wasn’t staying overnight, I’m only an hour away so I just felt like popping over and joining those who were staying over.

Favourite Mensa activity this week
We finally got to walk around Caldecotte Lake this morning.  We’ve tried to do this walk a couple of times before as a Mensa event but haven’t succeeded for various reasons, partly to do with the weather.  But this time the weather was ideal – not too hot, and we managed a complete circuit, including both the north and south lakes, in a couple of hours, just finishing in time for lunch.  Unfortunately, due to the good weather the pub was crowded and the young staff were struggling, but it was still an enjoyable meal with friends.

Favourite moment of the week
Getting my PC repaired.  That probably sounds a bit sad, but it was a relief to hear it start up successfully and get access to all my data.  I am now trying to back up much more regularly – daily if necessary – and am switching it off overnight.

Outing of the week
It’s a toss up between the two operas we saw, on Friday and Saturday night respectively.  Quite a contrast: first the fun and froth of Die Fledermaus, and then the mighty Verdian drama of Il Trovatore.  On balance I’d say Die Fledermaus was the more enjoyable all-round experience.  Il Trovatore suffered from minimalist sets, which nevertheless seemed to take ages to move between scenes and thus disrupted the flow.  It was probably the worst staging I’ve ever seen of an opera for that reason – the only excuse for minimalist scenery in my book is that it doesn’t impede the action, whereas this did so we got the worst of both worlds.  But the production was redeemed by the wonderful music and some truly glorious singing.  In particular the principal soprano (Leonora) and baritone were magnificent.

Progress on last week’s objectives
Get PC repaired - Done
Read this month’s book group bookThe Road, by Cormac McCarthy – Started, but not yet completed.  Not enjoying it but sometimes it’s good to try different books
Tidy up office paperwork - Done

Key objectives for the coming week
- Prepare for latest coaching candidate
- Start on Intermezzo, my SIG newsletter
- Check out best ISA options for this year

Least favourite moment of the week
Waking up on Sunday morning and for some reason thinking it was Monday.  I realised I hadn’t done the bit of prep work I needed to do for a Monday meeting, nor got my papers ready, nor checked train times, and I was just beating myself up mentally for being so stupid, when the penny dropped that it was only Sunday.  It was probably only a few minutes but it was uncomfortable while it lasted!

What have I learned this week
I’ve learned how to check out a number of hardware and connectivity settings for our system in preparation for a site visit next week.  And that sometimes I should sleep on emails before sending them.  And that I'm really, really looking forward to two long weekends coming up!  I know I've just had a week's holiday, but it's always nice to be off when everyone else is so that you don't come back to a load of work that has piled up in the meantime.