Best day this week
Wednesday – I caught up with work and started to feel I was on top of things again, after bank holiday disruption followed by a busy week last week.

Best work activity of the week
I think starting to go through the coming year’s plan for one of my regions and actually make inroads into some of the actions.  I wanted to amend a milestone check document “borrowed” from a colleague to make it more relevant for my region, and ended up turning into something completely different and hopefully more appropriate.  That felt like a productive piece of work.

Favourite meal of the week
Sunday breakfast – apart from the company, I really enjoyed muesli, fresh fruit, greek yogurt and fresh coffee.  And better still, all prepared by someone else!

Favourite Mensa activity this week
Small but select Sunday breakfast at Carluccio’s with a couple of friends.  I was hugely impressed that the waiter recognised us from last time (2 months ago) and remembered that we were the Mensa group (he had asked last time what the Mblem was).  We had a very pleasant couple of hours, good food, and he got a good tip!

Satisfying moment of the week
I fixed my mother’s email problem – all her incoming emails were being bounced due to a full mailbox.  Unfortunately the problem was my fault in the first place, as when I set up her email account on her new laptop, for some reason that doubtless seemed a good idea at the time, I opted to leave copies of incoming email on the server.  She doesn’t get huge amounts of email, but what she does receive often contains lots of photos, or inline graphics, or slideshow attachments.  So, unsurprisingly her inbox on the ISP’s server was groaning under the weight and gave up the ghost.  Not earth-shatteringly difficult to diagnose and fix but I take my IT victories where I can these days!

Favourite TV programme of the week
Have I got news for you was good again this week.  As was the second episode of the new series of Psychoville.

Progress on last week’s objectives
This week’s admission is that I haven’t made much headway on my objectives, mainly due to saving them up to the weekend and then being a bit preoccupied with a poorly cat.
Start tidying the utility room – not really, though if I just collected half the stuff on top of the washing machine and took it to the tip that would make a big difference.
Arrange visits from 2-3 bathroom fitters – again, haven’t arranged anything but have shortlisted a number of individuals/companies to contact.
Sort out outfit for old school Speech Day – was going to go clothes shopping over the weekend but will go one evening this week instead.

Key objectives for the coming week
I think they really have to be the same as last week, in the hope that I can do better next time,

Most unusual activity this week
Unusual for me, in that I haven’t done it for longer than I can remember – watching Eurovision last night.  Goodness, what a marathon endurance exercise.  I remember now why I stopped bothering to watch it and I doubt I’ll waste my time next year.

Sad moment of the week
It’s been heart-rending the last couple of days listening to one of our cats yelping in pain.  We noticed her mobility was starting to become limited again, and I found a lump on her back leg and took her to the vet.  She has a lab test being done and is on anti-inflammatories, but we now think it’s a problem with her tail (possibly broken) as it’s hanging very limp and we’ve isolated the pain to any contact pretty much with any area of her tail.  In particular she is yelping when using the litter tray and according to Google tail problems in cats can be linked to bowel and bladder problems.  So, another visit to the vet’s in the morning.

What have I learned this week
I’ve learned more than I wanted to know about musculo-skeletal problems in cats, and the side-effects of NSAIDs.  And I’ve been reminded how much I worry when one of them is poorly.  Goodness knows what I would have been like as a parent, but then again at least once children learn to talk at least they can tell you what’s wrong, however simplistically.  It feels like a guessing game with animals and I that’s one aspect of pet ownership I don’t enjoy.