Best day this week
Saturday was a very rewarding day – a very satisfying mortgage appointment in the morning, and a tour of car dealerships in the afternoon.  We didn’t actually buy anything in either case, but have discovered that both are eminently affordable within the budgets we had set ourselves.

Best work meeting of the week
I attended a meeting of London NHS HR Directors on Wednesday, which was more interesting than I’d expected.  I was there to do a presentation on our system, but had asked to stay for the whole meeting so I could pick up on anything relevant that I could bring into my presentation.  It was a long afternoon but I did pick up some useful information.

Favourite meal of the week
We had my brother over for supper on Thursday.  The fish pie was a bit of a disaster as I didn’t cook it for long enough and had to shove it into the microwave to quickly finish it off.  I didn’t think it would take so much longer for just one more person – it’s something I make quite regularly for just the two of us.  It tasted ok though.  However, the Tesco Finest  the millionaires’ chocolate tart that we had for dessert was out of this world.  I think I can safely say we will be having that again.

Favourite TV programme of the week
The Hour again, though I am very pleased to note that Who Do You Think You Are has started again

Least favourite moment of the week
The moment I realised I’d lost all my MS Outlook data and settings through trying a repair job to fix an Excel problem.  I had googled for advice, but didn’t realise it would affect all my MS software. Huge panic when I realised I’d lost my entire email, calendar, contacts, etc, and Outlook didn’t seem to want to recognise the backup file.  Reinstated it by the time-honoured workaround of renaming the files, so fortunately all the data is restored, but I am still redoing all my customised settings, and still dealing with odd error messages caused by the fact that renaming is not really the most elegant way to do it.  It didn’t even fix the original Excel problem - as I suspected it was caused by a rogue Windows Update patch which I successfully removed.  Thanks, Microsoft.

Sobering moment of the week

I had the car serviced and the engine warning light fixed on Tuesday – I was surprised they were able to fit it in so quickly – and was delighted it wasn’t as expensive as I feared.  However, this was short-lived when they presented me with a list of “recommended” work totalling about £1200!  Obviously some of it wasn’t necessary, certainly not immediately, but I’m conscious that the MOT comes up in about 3 months and some of it will certainly need to be done for that.  Cue decision to start searching for a replacement…..

What have I learned this week
That we can afford to remortgage on much better terms and over a shorter period.  We still need to see a couple of other lenders for comparison, but at least we know the worst case scenario is better than our previous deal.

And, once again, that I sometimes over-complicate things by agonising over purchases.  Of course large expenditure needs to be thought through carefully, but when my brother arrived on Thursday in a new car he’d just picked up, it did nudge me into action rather than just continuing to pore aimlessly over Which Car.  No purchase yet, but some test drives lined up.