Best decision of the week
Persevering with all the actions I had to complete to get access to our system.  This included sorting out some issues with my work laptop, downloading and installing the smartcard software so the reader would work, remembering my smartcard PIN from about a year ago, launching the system, creating and remembering an external username and password so I can use the system outside the NHS network, waiting for that to be approved, and finally getting full access.  It took time and patience but it’s been well worth it.

Best work activity of the week
Finally getting access to the system I’m supposed to have been supporting for the best part of a year.  Not surprisingly, it makes a huge difference to the guidance and help I can give to my trusts.

Favourite meal of the week
Pleasantly surprised in Chiquito’s on Saturday night; other places were full so we tried there in desperation.  In the past service has been very slow and the food mediocre, but my chicken salad was delicious, and I had two of their mini “shot” desserts which were perfect as I didn’t fancy a whole dessert.  And the service was much improved despite them being busy.

Favourite Mensa activity this week

Sunday breakfast at Café Rouge.  Both the service and the food were much better this time, and the company was as excellent as ever.  So a very pleasant two hours were spent over a leisurely breakfast and coffee.

Favourite moment of the week

Such a sad admission, but probably when I finally got access to our work system after much preparatory work and a last-minute hitch.  It was a real Eureka! moment.

Favourite TV programme of the week

Rome wasn’t built in a day has been quite interesting viewing.  It’s great to see brickies and plasterers with such an interest in the history and development of their trade, so keen to learn about old methods and with such a pride in their work.  And they are bonding together into a team that really supports each other now.  Several of them have already said it’s six months that has changed their life.

Progress on last week’s objectives

Write a piece for a SIG newsletter - Done
Complete Board election paperwork – Nearly done; I need to leave it and proof-read it later with fresh eyes.
Sign up for Race for Life - Done.  I'm pleased about this one because I don't think I'd actually have got round to doing it if I hadn't committed to it as an objective last week.

Key objectives for the coming week
Write Linguasignal article on Spanish class
Tidy out filing drawers – despite a purge a few months ago I’m back to cramming papers in again, so another clear out needed
Make appointments for cats’ annual check-ups and boosters

Least favourite moment of the week

Discovering that a colleague who is moving to a slightly different role has been told by her new manager to stop all current work quite abruptly, leaving me to pick it up. 

Sight of the week
Found myself sitting beside Goldie on a train on Wednesday.  He was very fidgety and sniffed a lot; not a great fellow-passenger.  I wouldn't have recognised him but he made several phone calls and announced his name, then I remembered him from the Maestro series a couple of years ago.

Mad purchase of the week

I’m now the proud possessor of a scarlet fascinator.  Not just bought on a whim, however; I’m intending to try out one or two Red Hatters events so a Red Hat is kind of important.

Sad moment of the week

Sad..and shocking.  Learning first thing one morning that a friend had died suddenly the night before.  She had health problems but was still in her fifties and seemed to be coping with them.  Not any more – RIP Minty.

Surprise of the week

My brother was in the area on Tuesday and called to ask if he could drop in for coffee between appointments.  It was lovely to see him and catch up with all the family news.

What have I learned this week

On a totally trivial level, I’ve learned how to get a Peak Travelcard from a station ticket machine during Off Peak times.  Seriously, it’s not obvious but I discovered it is possible!

I’ve also learned some Spanish on a one day introductory course.  It was interesting to experience a different method of learning a language – everything I’ve ever done before has been very formal, structured, and grammatical, which I like, but which has tended to inhibit me from speaking through fear of making errors.  I don’t even much like speaking French, and I have a degree in it.  But this was fun, and by the end of the day I was able to say quite a lot fairly confidently.