Favourite moment of the week
Interesting walking tour of Roman London on Wednesday, arranged by English Heritage.

Least favourite moment of the week
Three hour round trip on Friday evening to a meeting that didn’t happen.  Still, we had a pleasant meal in Nando’s, even if it was a long way to go for dinner.

What have I learned this week
That the Guildhall Museum and Art Gallery is a hidden treasure in the City of London.  As well as a collection of pre-raphaelite paintings, its basement is home to the remains of London’s Roman amphitheatre. 

Also, that if I wear jeans without a belt, they’ll fall down.  And that Crocs get dangerously slippery in the rain.

Favourite Mensa activity this week
Well, by rights it should have been a surprise visit to an old haunt, but we were the ones surprised…..next time, check with the host beforehand that it’s still happening!  Still, my plans for the different meeting in January are coming on well.

Best day this week
Saturday was lovely – started with a pedicure appointment, followed by a leisurely lunch, a spot of shopping, and a coffee frescato in Costa.  Caught up with a few chores at home, watched an old Have I got news for you, and generally felt very self-indulgent.  Conscience salved by the knowledge that Sunday was going to be spent catching up with work backlog.

Best work activity of the week
It was good to catch up with a backlog of work on Sunday.  Prepared for this week’s meetings and caught up with emails.  This coming week is busy, so I was glad to get up to date on some things.  Still have a long To Do list though.

Mad purchase of the week
I’ve bought a hat.  I’m not quite sure why, as I don’t really do hats.  I like them, but they mostly don’t suit me.  We visited some craft workshops on Sunday afternoon and there was a textile stall with homemade felt hats.  One of them, in brown felt with rust/orange detail, really took my fancy, but I didn’t like it on, so I put it back.  Chris thought it suited me, I disagreed, we left.  Fifteen minutes later, I’d been persuaded back, and bought it after all.  It’s a beautiful hat, now I just need to pluck up the courage to wear it. 

Sobering moment of the week

I edit the obituaries section of my old school magazine, and copy deadline was this week.  It’s always so humbling reading about the lifetimes of service led by some Old Boys and Girls, particularly as many of the ones dying now are of the age to have had a war record.

Best d
ecision of the week
Taking my own advice and hitting the Delete key rather than responding to someone on an email group.  Ooh, it was so tempting, but I think I did the right thing.