Best day this week
Difficult one.  Friday was good because I caught up a lot on a backlog of work emails, but the evening ended a bit frustratingly with Chris getting stuck in London and having to find an alternative route home which made him very late.  Saturday was good because I enjoyed the feeling of achievement in doing the Race for Life.  And Sunday was good, despite torrential rain, because we went to a theme park with a group of friends and I enjoyed several of the rides and activities.

Best decision of the week
I think the best decision of the week was to take the cat to the vet again.  I wondered if I was fussing unnecessarily, as she just seems to have become quite frail but is still eating and getting about; however I suspected she had cystitis again and I was worried about her.  As it turns out she has a temperature and a urinary infection so I did the right thing.  Several tablets twice a day now, poor old thing.

Best work activity of the week
A couple of meetings in London on Monday, which went well.  I enjoy working with London trusts and am looking forward to being able to concentrate on them full-time.

Favourite meal of the week
A visit to a buffet restaurant in Northampton with a friend of ours on Thursday.  It was good to see him again and we enjoyed his company.  It’s a nice restaurant – we have a branch in MK but it’s always packed solid and not very enjoyable.  The Northampton one is much better.

Favourite Mensa activity this week
We went to Drayton Manor Park today with a mixed East and West Midlands group, and despite the torrential rain from start to finish, we had an enjoyable time.  We had use of the group hospitality suite, with coffee on arrival and lunch included, and I found enough to do to fill the day, despite not really being into roller coasters.  Chris went off serious rollercoastering with a few hardier members of the group. I looked round the zoo, which depressed me a little as I have mixed feelings about large animals and birds in captivity.  After lunch I went to a 4D cinema – 3D plus various effects such as lightning flashes, seats moving to mimic the action, air and water sprays.  It was so enjoyable I saw the programme twice.  Apart from that I went on a water splash, another rather gentler water ride, a boat trip and the scenic railway.  I was surprised to find how quickly time passed until it was time to meet up with the others at the end of the day.

Favourite moment of the week
Finishing the Race for Life on Saturday.  I really enjoyed the walk, which was through a local park and round a lake, and I walked briskly without stopping.  It took me just a little over an hour.  The only slight disappointment was that Chris was waiting for me at the finish but I must have come through in a group because we missed each other and had to rendezvous by phone.  Still, he took some photos of me with my medal, just to prove I really did it.

Favourite TV programme of the week
Not so much the programme itself but what it was previewing - Cardiff Singer of the World: The Week Ahead.  I always look forward to Cardiff Singer, and this year is no exception.  The heats are this coming week, with the final on Sunday.  I can’t wait!

Progress on last week’s objectives
This week was so busy, out most evenings and both days over the weekend, that I’m afraid I have failed on last week’s objectives.  So I’ve set them again for this week.

Key objectives for the coming week
- Tidy top of utility room fridge
- Buy material to cover office chair
- Fix visit to Matlock Records office to continue family history research

Most unusual activity this week
Racing – though it wasn’t really – I just walked and it wasn’t even that far, just 5km.  But I’ve never done any sort of walk or run for charity before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Sad moment of the week
Hearing yesterday that a fellow Mensan had died.  I didn’t know her that well, but saw her at regional and national gatherings from time to time.  I knew she’d been ill but saw her in Ireland just last month and she looked fairly well.

What have I learned this week
I realised this week that when I relax the carb-free detox that I’m doing this month, that I won’t use sweeteners again.  I’ve tended to use them in coffee and in natural yogurt but I’ve discovered that I enjoy both of them without.  One less processed chemical to worry about, anyway.