Best work activity of the week
Good meeting on Monday afternoon with a clinical lead in London.  He’s new in post, enthusiastic, and bright.  I was impressed by how quickly he caught on when I explained things to him, in contrast to other similar meetings where I’ve felt like wading through treacle.

Favourite meal of the week
We went to see the in-laws on the south coast on Saturday, and took them out for lunch.  My pesto crusted salmon was very nice, but it was beaten by the most amazing chocolate pot for dessert.  Thick, gooey, and very rich…..perfect!

Favourite Mensa activity this week
Another week with no Mensa activity in it.  Looking forward to T@3 at Dobbie’s next week though.

Favourite moment of the week
Getting home after a 2¼ hour drive back from seeing the in-laws on Saturday.  I’d not slept well the previous night and was feeling a bit under the weather with a cough and cold coming on.  We had a lovely day with them but Chris drove there so it was my turn to drive home (he did offer but I felt a bit better by then).  It was an uneventful drive, but I always find that journey in particular very long and boring, particularly the Surrey stretch of the M25, so I was very glad to pull up on our drive and get indoors.

Favourite TV programme of the week
Miranda again.  I’m sounding predictable, but we don’t actually watch much TV so it’s always going to be one of a small number of programmes.  I love the relationship she has with Stevie, her shop manager.  She’s just managing to maintain the “will they, won’t they?” tension with Gary, though it might just strain a tad too much if they stretch it much further.  But for the moment it’s still maintaining high standards and, in sitcom terms, is a worthy successor to Green Wing from a few years ago.

Progress on last week’s objectives
Continue converting videos to DVD - Done
Write Christmas cards and buy enough stamps - Done
Renew car insurance - Done
Clean out larder cupboard and throw away outdated stuff – Done.  (Why didn’t I do that before I bought more salt?  Discovered two unopened packets at the back of the cupboard).

Key objectives for the coming week
Just the three this week – partly as I’m still feeling a bit under the weather, and partly to keep my options open for anything unexpected that comes up before Christmas.
- Buy remaining Christmas presents
- Develop evaluation questionnaire
- Get ticking noise in car checked out

Least favourite moment of the week
Realising on Friday that the little tickle I seemed to have had since I got up was probably turning into a cough, which would soon have a cold attached to it.

Most frustrating work meeting of the week
I spent about 15 minutes wandering around a building in London where I was attending a meeting, with the host going up and down stairs, trying locked doors, reaching dead ends etc.  The meeting room was only on the floor below his office, but in order to avoid disturbing a customer area he’d been asked to take a detour that involved going into the next door building and back again.  We never did find the proper route, and ended up tiptoeing through the customer area apologising profusely.  Comical at first, but the joke soon wore off and we wasted valuable meeting time.

Scary moment of the week
Turning right across oncoming traffic, only to stall before fully clearing the main road.  Fortunately it was a quietish road and nothing was coming very fast.  But I thought you weren’t supposed to be able to stall automatics?

What have I learned this week
I’ve learned that Prêt à Manger sell hot porridge.  I’ve been having porridge for breakfast at home for the past couple of months, and it’s useful to know where I can get it when I’m out and about early and don’t have time for breakfast before I go.

Also that the world is much nicer if you face it positively.  That’s obviously not rocket science, but I suppose we each have to discover it in our own way.  Actually, I am generally pretty positive, but I suppose I’ve always been a bit suspicious of strangers, and some people might think I’m a bit aloof.  So I’m realising that it’s better to engage with people with positive expectations rather than neutral or negative ones.