Best day this week
Friday was good – finished course preparation on Thursday so felt less pressurised, got to my morning meeting in good time and got on with some work.  Met an old colleague and had a good gossip with her.  A couple of good meetings, and then home by 3.30 and just checked email and called it a day.  All followed by a leisurely evening with a nice meal and some TV.

Best work activity of the week
It was interesting to meet someone this week whom I’ve been aware of for a couple of years, about whom I have received good feedback, and whom I have myself recommended to others on the basis of this feedback, but had never actually met before.  She’s doing a piece of consultancy work at one of my trusts and once again I’m hearing excellent things about her.  So it was good to meet her at last.

Favourite Mensa activity this week
We took advantage of a quiet weekend to look for another meeting to attend elsewhere, and picked a breakfast meeting at Café Rouge in Cheltenham on Sunday.  It was interesting to meet another group of people, who all made us very welcome.  I think we may give breakfast meetings a try in MK.  After we all went our separate ways sometime after midday, Chris and I spent the afternoon in exploring the town, and he was very patient whilst I did quite a lot of clothes shopping.

Progress on last week’s objectives
Arrange a replacement cleaner – Nearly done.  I’ve selected one of the companies I interviewed, and left them two voicemails but they have yet to return my call, which I am unimpressed and somewhat concerned about.
Read through the Pension Choice literature – Nearly done.  Will need several more read throughs before I make a decision though!
Clear out and tidy underwear drawer – Done
Sort out outfit for my nephew’s wedding in a couple of weeks – Done.  In fact I have two possible outfits, just need to choose between them!

Key objectives for the coming week
Find a savings account for remainder of endowment policy
Full first draft of the next issue of my SIG newsletter, Intermezzo, together
Write a contribution for the newsletter of a SIG that I belong to.
Order a data projector (it’s a long story, but I’ve decided to buy one)

Least favourite moment of the week
Getting myself into a tailspin trying to investigate and compare all the various flight options to get to Derry and back for my uncle’s funeral on Tuesday, with minimum disruption to work commitments.  To mix my metaphors, I felt like I was going into meltdown, with no ideal option but a number of least worst ones.   I was glad when one of my lovely brothers volunteered to do all the bookings for all of us, so all I had to do was agree to his proposed arrangements and leave the rest to him.  It was a nice change not to be the one trying to organise everyone else.  I’m glad there are several of us going over from the UK.

Mad purchase of the week
I've ordered an ice-cream maker.  It hasn’t arrived yet, but I am looking forward to experimenting with weird and wonderful sorbets.

Most frustrating work meeting of the week
Another Groundhog Day meeting.  “We’re about ready to start our project now – we finish our current one at the end of this month, and we want all the information in advance so we can get underway with elearning next.”  I was delighted – they’ve been “going to do it” for ages, so this sounded promising.  I duly met with them and explained everything they needed to do.  “So – timescales”, I ventured, “when are we looking at getting started?”  Not before next April, evidently.  Why waste my time, then??

Sad moment of the week
Hearing the news, albeit not unexpected, that my elderly uncle in Derry had died.  He was my dad’s younger brother and only surviving sibling since my dad himself died five years ago.  As well as being sad about his death, I’m also mourning the loss of that whole generation on my dad’s side now.

What have I learned this week
I’ve learned that I don’t always have to take responsibility for arranging things and organising people; that sometimes it’s nice to leave it to other people.  As the oldest in the family, I’ve usually been the one who’s organised my brothers any time anything needed organising.  I knew I was going to be short of time to co-ordinate everyone’s flights, hire car, hotels etc for my uncle’s funeral in Ireland, and it was such a relief to leave it to my brother, who arranged it all perfectly competently.

Woohoo moment of the week

Paid off a chunk of the mortgage as my first endowment policy matured (25 years since I bought my first house!).  I wasn’t able to pay off as much as I would have liked as we got tied into a deal (expiring next summer) where we can only pay off 10% without penalty.  So the rest of the money will go into a high-interest savings account for a few months until I can pay off some more.