Outing of the week
An excellent tour of Gran Canaria by MPV.  Although we’d gone to GC ostensibly for a complete week’s relaxation, we both felt we’d go stir crazy just cooped up in the hotel all week, so we booked a couple of tours so we could see a bit of the island.  I enjoyed the first one best.  We were collected by a driver with very little English, and then picked up at another couple of hotels before taking off on the motorway.  Fortunately our rep had warned us that we would pick up the guide later but the other couples didn’t realize, and thought we were being kidnapped!  After a half-hour drive we rendez-voused with the guide and what turned out to be a convoy of MPVs, with a live commentary done by radio.  I was rather sceptical but the arrangement worked well.  We used MPVs because a coach wouldn’t have managed some of the steep hairpin bends we covered.  The guide drove the first one, and then there were four others, with us at the back.  He was an English expat and an excellent guide.  The scenery up in the mountains in the centre of the island is breathtaking, even if the route is a bit hair-raising.  We had a lovely lunch, included in the tour, and several other viewing/photo stops. Definitely recommended to anyone visiting Gran Canaria – the “Island Delights” tour.  

Favourite moment of the week
Getting back from the second tour, a jeep safari with an off-road section.  I’d been a bit concerned about it all week because I wasn’t sure whether I’d enjoy it, whether there would be harnesses designed for …errr… slightly smaller people, and generally what the arrangements would be.  It turned out to be standard seatbelts, and I was encouraged to discover I was agile enough to get up and down the 3 ft step into the back of the jeep.  On the plus side, the fresh air and scent of the orange blossom was lovely, and we had a nice lunch with too much sangria.  On the minus side, we saw the same scenery as on the other tour but the ride was just much less comfortable and very dusty.  Not sure I’d go for off-road jeeps again – I like my comfort too much!  However, Chris loved it and spend most of the day grinning like a big kid.

Favourite meal
Although the food was very good at the hotel, I’d have to say dinner tonight at a local Mediterranean buffet restaurant here in MK.  It’s run by a Turkish family and although it’s deceptively run down looking from the outside, the food is fabulous and excellent value at £9.95.  We hadn’t been for a while but will probably do a Mensa event there in June.

Progress on last week’s objectives
Nice to be able to say with a clear conscience that I made no progress because I very sensibly didn’t set any!

Objectives for this week
- Get PC repaired
- Read this month’s book group book – The Road, by Cormac McCarthy
- Tidy up office paperwork (unearthed by having to move PC out)

Least favourite moment of the week
Possibly switching on my PC this morning and discovering that it was stone dead.  I’m not sure what the problem is but have booked someone to come and take a look tomorrow.  Thank goodness for the netbook in the meantime.

Most unusual activity this week
After the fish pedicure, I had a fish manicure yesterday, and that was weirder in some ways.  There was something a bit unnerving about seeing things nibbling at my fingers.  However I am happy to report that it was just as successful as the pedicure, and I now have nice neat cuticles on my fingers too.

What have I learned this week
I’ve learned I should take backups more often.  I don’t know what the problem is on my desktop PC – hopefully not the hard disk – but my last backup was about three weeks ago so I’m going to have a few problems with updates I’ve made since then, such as emails, accounts, calendar entries, etc.  I usually do my PC housekeeping all in one go, about once a month (probably not often enough) but there’s really no reason not to do a backup every evening.