Best day this week
Friday, without a doubt.  I was off work, we were on our way to Portmeirion for a weekend with a group of friends, and I heard that this time round I have made it on to the Board of British Mensa.  Strange that last year there were so many candidates and this year so few – I feel a bit disappointed not to have won an election, but glad the waiting is over and I’ve been successful this year.  The hard work starts after this year’s AGM in September.

Best decision of the week

To stay overnight in Leamington on Tuesday night rather than driving home.  I rarely do that now as it’s only an hour’s drive.  But it meant I was able to walk to the restaurant and back from my hotel, and hence have a couple of drinks.

Best work activity of the week
We had a rare team night out on Tuesday, which was fun.  We went to a lovely restaurant in Leamington and had a long, leisurely and very pleasant evening.  I also enjoyed a bit of schadenfreude watching a couple of colleagues over-imbibing and knowing how bad they would feel in the morning!

Best work meeting of the week
The team meeting on Wednesday, which was very productive.  Management seem confident our contracts will be renewed at the end of this month but I don’t see how they can be so sure.  Not long to wait now to find out though.

Favourite meal of the week
We’ve been out for several meals this week but I think my favourite was the work team meal in Leamington.  Fish soup with croutons, sea bass and asparagus, and ice cream in individual little brandysnap baskets.  And great company.

Favourite Mensa activity this week
The Portmeirion Weekend.  It’s always enjoyable, not least because it’s in such beautiful surroundings, and this year was no exception.  We had the room we had requested, which surprised me as it’s one of the few en-suite rooms in the village, and our house-mates were good company.  It’s a shame the weather on Saturday wasn’t better, but Sunday was lovely and I had a nice mixture of activity and laziness, catching up with emails and reading.  Portmeirion is also usually the first Mensa Weekend of the year, so I’m looking forward to the rest of them now.  IMAG, the Irish Weekend, is next at the beginning of May in Enniskillen.

Favourite moment of the week
Hearing I’d made it on to the Mensa Board. A sharp contrast to the disappointment at hearing last year's results.

Progress on last week’s objectives
Finish reading group book - Done
Order case for Kindle – Not quite though have an idea which one I want.  Need to make up my mind soon as I’m nervous about carrying it round in my bag until it’s protected in some way.
Circulate survey of local members for Mensa Brilliant event(s) – It’s ready to go, just need to compose a covering email and send it.

Key objectives for the coming week
- Make notes on reading group book for next week’s meeting
- Prepare for first old students’ association board teleconference
- Prepare for next presentation skills coaching candidate

Most unusual activity this week
Not really so unusual I suppose, but I signed up to lead a syndicate session at Portmeirion on time management.  It’s not something I’ve done before but I wanted to share an excellent book I found on the subject which talks more about managing resistance and procrastination rather than the conventional time management techniques.  With hindsight I think allowed it to drift off-topic rather too much but I enjoyed doing it and will try to think about doing another one next year.

What have I learned this week
I’ve learned that people are not always as they seem.  Nothing surprising there, except that there were some specific examples this week.  I spent time with a couple of people I previously knew very superficially, and discovered that the person I had privately labelled as a bit flaky was actually much more together than I’d realised, whilst the person who’d given the impression of being very competent and able was actually rather neurotic.  Yet another reminder – and it’s good to be reminded periodically – about the dangers of making assumptions about people.