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Why "Answers on a Postcard"?

Jo Sidebottom I wanted the experience of doing a regular blog, but unlike some of my pals I don't have a life or job filled with humorous and interesting anecdotes. The thought of coming up with entertaining stories regularly was quite daunting. "Answers on a Postcard" was born when I had the idea of asking myself a handful of questions each week, some serious and some more frivolous, and trying to keep the responses pithy and concise. Please feel free to leave any comments about my blog on my Guestbook page.


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Week ending Sunday 27th March 2011

Posted by Jo Sidebottom on Sunday, March 27, 2011,
Best decision of the week
Remains to be seen whether it actually works out to be a good decision, but I am hoping it will be our decision to book a Voyage of Discovery cruise to the Eastern Med and the Holy Land later in the year.  So many destinations that sounded irresistible – it was a toss up between that one and one other, but we liked the transparency of this company better – were rather deterred by the other one’s hidden charges that only emerged once we started asking a few quest...
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Week ending Sunday 20th March 2011

Posted by Jo Sidebottom on Sunday, March 20, 2011,
Best work activity of the week
I finally made some time to do some planning for next year.  It’s difficult just keeping up with email at the moment but we have to present next year’s plans in about three weeks, and I’ll be having a week away before then, so just two weeks to do the work.  I had a vague idea what to include but hadn’t committed anything to paper.  I still have a lot to do but I feel better for having made a start.

Best work meeting of the week
Meeting with a trust I thoug...
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Week ending Sunday 13th March 2011

Posted by Jo Sidebottom on Monday, March 14, 2011,
Best day this week
Friday, without a doubt.  I was off work, we were on our way to Portmeirion for a weekend with a group of friends, and I heard that this time round I have made it on to the Board of British Mensa.  Strange that last year there were so many candidates and this year so few – I feel a bit disappointed not to have won an election, but glad the waiting is over and I’ve been successful this year.  The hard work starts after this year’s AGM in September.

Best decision of the w...

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Week ending Sunday 6th March 2011

Posted by Jo Sidebottom on Sunday, March 6, 2011,
Best day this week
Oddly, it was Tuesday, the day of a friend’s funeral in Lancaster.  We didn’t have to set off too early, and had a good run up the M1/M6, stopping only to swap over the driving halfway.  We met friends at a pub near the crematorium beforehand, and then travelled in convoy for the funeral.  It was a small, moving, but also uplifting ceremony, somewhat unconventional but absolutely fitting for our very unconventional friend.  It was a beautiful spring day, which also seeme...
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