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Why "Answers on a Postcard"?

Jo Sidebottom I wanted the experience of doing a regular blog, but unlike some of my pals I don't have a life or job filled with humorous and interesting anecdotes. The thought of coming up with entertaining stories regularly was quite daunting. "Answers on a Postcard" was born when I had the idea of asking myself a handful of questions each week, some serious and some more frivolous, and trying to keep the responses pithy and concise. Please feel free to leave any comments about my blog on my Guestbook page.


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Week ending Sunday 27th February 2011

Posted by Jo Sidebottom on Monday, February 28, 2011,
Favourite meal of the week
Not so much the food itself (though it was good, just not truly memorable), but the company: Saturday night dinner with 50 or so friends.  The meal was followed by our very own “Loscar” ceremony hosted as expertly as ever by CT.

Favourite Mensa activity this week

“Unofficially” a Mensa activity – the Unoff Weekend, which was held here in Milton Keynes.  We’ve had the best of both worlds as we didn’t have to do any organising (except setting and marking t...
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Week ending Sunday 20th February 2011

Posted by Jo Sidebottom on Sunday, February 20, 2011,
Best work activity of the week
On Wednesday I attended the NHS eLearning conference in London.  I was co-presenting with someone from one of our trusts - she had suggested doing it as an interview rather than just Powerpoint slides, so I had to interview her.  It went well and we got lots of good feedback about using a different format, as well as about the content she covered.  During the breaks we were manning a stand for our system, and I met lots of friends and colleagues, some of whom I h...
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Week ending Sunday 13th February 2011

Posted by Jo Sidebottom on Sunday, February 13, 2011,
Best decision of the week
Persevering with all the actions I had to complete to get access to our system.  This included sorting out some issues with my work laptop, downloading and installing the smartcard software so the reader would work, remembering my smartcard PIN from about a year ago, launching the system, creating and remembering an external username and password so I can use the system outside the NHS network, waiting for that to be approved, and finally getting full access.  It took...
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Week ending Sunday 6th February 2011

Posted by Jo Sidebottom on Sunday, February 6, 2011,
Best day this week
Just for a change, I think Friday.  Saturday and Sunday were good too – no commitments so we had a fairly relaxed weekend.  But Friday I was at home all day, and as I have a lot of leave to use by the end of March and I got quite a lot done in the morning, I awarded myself a half day off.  Then Chris was late home from work (drinks with the lads!) so I had a very self-indulgent evening with some mussels in white wine followed by fresh pineapple.  Lovely!

Best work meeting o...

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