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Why "Answers on a Postcard"?

Jo Sidebottom I wanted the experience of doing a regular blog, but unlike some of my pals I don't have a life or job filled with humorous and interesting anecdotes. The thought of coming up with entertaining stories regularly was quite daunting. "Answers on a Postcard" was born when I had the idea of asking myself a handful of questions each week, some serious and some more frivolous, and trying to keep the responses pithy and concise. Please feel free to leave any comments about my blog on my Guestbook page.


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Week ending Sunday 24th April 2011

Posted by Jo Sidebottom on Sunday, April 24, 2011,
Best day this week
Friday was good.  The weather was good, I got quite a lot of chores done that I had been saving up to the weekend, we walked round to our newly reopened local for lunch, got all the garden furniture out and washed it down in the afternoon, and finally had a nice dinner and some entertaining TV in the evening. 

Favourite meal of the week
It’s a toss-up between some rather nice salmon and pesto sauce that we had on Friday, and breakfast this morning at Brown’s.  I had some ...
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Week ending Sunday 17th April 2011

Posted by Jo Sidebottom on Sunday, April 17, 2011,
Best day this week
Friday was the best day.  Chris had the day off and I was working at home, though I had plenty to do.  The weather was quite nice, and our local pub had just reopened after a complete (much needed) renovation and refit, so we went out for lunch.  I got a lot of useful work done, and then in the evening we went to see Die Fledermaus at MK Theatre, which was great fun.

Best work activity of the week
Our regional planning day on Wednesday – although it was a long day it was int...
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Week ending Sunday 10th April 2011

Posted by Jo Sidebottom on Sunday, April 10, 2011,
Outing of the week
An excellent tour of Gran Canaria by MPV.  Although we’d gone to GC ostensibly for a complete week’s relaxation, we both felt we’d go stir crazy just cooped up in the hotel all week, so we booked a couple of tours so we could see a bit of the island.  I enjoyed the first one best.  We were collected by a driver with very little English, and then picked up at another couple of hotels before taking off on the motorway.  Fortunately our rep had warned us that we would pic...

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Week ending Sunday 3rd April 2011

Posted by Jo Sidebottom on Sunday, April 3, 2011,
Best work meeting of the week
I had a meeting of London users this week that went quite well.  We had quite a lot of discussion of specific points, which the group seemed to find quite helpful.  They are a nice group – just wish they were a bit more energised about getting on with it.

Outing of the week
Another interesting Red Hat book group, where it was fascinating to hear the different reactions to this month’s book, Miss Garnet’s Angel, by Salley Vickers.  After a slow start, I ended u...

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