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Why "Answers on a Postcard"?

Jo Sidebottom I wanted the experience of doing a regular blog, but unlike some of my pals I don't have a life or job filled with humorous and interesting anecdotes. The thought of coming up with entertaining stories regularly was quite daunting. "Answers on a Postcard" was born when I had the idea of asking myself a handful of questions each week, some serious and some more frivolous, and trying to keep the responses pithy and concise. Please feel free to leave any comments about my blog on my Guestbook page.


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Week ending Sunday 26th December 2010

Posted by Jo Sidebottom on Sunday, December 26, 2010,
Best day this week
Christmas Eve, I think.  I’d finished all the last minute shopping, present delivering and so on the day before, and I didn’t have to go out anywhere.  I did some work, though I admit I perhaps wasn’t as diligent as I might have been.  Around mid-morning I got a phone call to say there was going to be a conference call with our Programme Director at lunchtime, and it turned out to be good news – our contracts have been extended for three months to the end of June.  I...
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Week ending Sunday 19th December 2010

Posted by Jo Sidebottom on Sunday, December 19, 2010,
Best day this week
Unusually, it was a weekday: Tuesday.  It was a varied and busy day, but very enjoyable.   I was at a conference in London, covering for my boss.  Nothing much to do except be available to answer questions, so I found myself somewhere to camp out, and was able to meet people and answer questions during breaks, and get on with some work while the delegates were in sessions.  There were plenty of questions and interest in our system, so I felt like I was being useful at least....
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Week ending Sunday 12th December 2010

Posted by Jo Sidebottom on Sunday, December 12, 2010,
Best work activity of the week
Good meeting on Monday afternoon with a clinical lead in London.  He’s new in post, enthusiastic, and bright.  I was impressed by how quickly he caught on when I explained things to him, in contrast to other similar meetings where I’ve felt like wading through treacle.

Favourite meal of the week
We went to see the in-laws on the south coast on Saturday, and took them out for lunch.  My pesto crusted salmon was very nice, but it was beaten by the most amazing ch...
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Week ending Sunday 5th December 2010

Posted by Jo Sidebottom on Sunday, December 5, 2010,
Best day this week
Saturday again.  I sorted out a car insurance quote, got some of my Christmas preparations done, and in the afternoon we went to see Spamalot, which was excellent.  After that we went for an early dinner at a local Persian buffet restaurant, which was interesting.  It’s very like Greek and Turkish – hummus, tzatsiki, olives, kebabs, and baklava for dessert.  One of their specialty dishes is chicken with prunes, which is much nicer than it sounds.  During the afternoon an...
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