Jo Sidebottom - British Mensa Board Election 2011

  If I am elected, I will:

  • Do my best to ensure communications with members continue to improve, via the magazine, website, Board roadshows and other appropriate channels;
  • Push for increased member involvement in policy and decision-making, via online surveys, focus groups, feedback via the officer network, and any other means that would not overly complicate or slow down decisions and actions.

I believe I have the qualities necessary for an effective Board member:
  • I am logical and organised;
  • Although open-minded I am tenacious when I strongly believe something is right;
  • I have been a member for twenty-three years  and am a Local Secretary and Special Interest Group Secretary;
  • I have organised a wide range of events from purely social to business meetings and regional weekends;
  • My work as a project manager requires me to get things done effectively and on time;
  • My Mensa membership is important to me, and the more I put in, the more enjoyment I get back.

Please see for more information.